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Brazil catches up with deaths in United Kingdom In 
the past 24 hours, the number of deaths in Brazil has increased to 41,828. This is reported by the local Ministry of Health. Yesterday there were 40,919. The country now has more deaths than the UK which has 41,566. 

The number of infections increased from 802,828 to 828,810 in the past 24. Only in the United States are there even more deaths and infections worldwide than in Brazil.

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Healthcare providers receive financial compensation for longer.
Healthcare providers who are threatened with financial problems as a result of the corona crisis will receive compensation for longer. That has been announced by Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge on Friday.

A large part of the care providers has already been compensated for the period from 1 March to 1 July, but this is now being extended. Disabled care institutions can count on compensation until 1 August, nursing homes until 1 September.

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The most important corona news of Friday 12 June: the


  • RIVM today reports nine new deaths who were infected with the coronavirus. The total number thus increases to 6,053.
  • Five corona patients who have been or have been hospitalized have also been reported . In total, this concerns 11,813 hospital admissions.
  • The number of corona patients in intensive care has fallen by 4 to 73.
  • Since this week, no longer publishes a daily figure report with the number of deaths and hospital admissions as a result of the coronavirus. Here we explain why.
  • Three months after the first symptoms, some of the corona patients still have complaints , according to a Longfonds poll. Among those complaints are fatigue, shortness of breath, chest pressure, headache and muscle pain. Almost half of the respondents state that they can no longer exercise after a corona infection .
  • The coronavirus has been registered in at least 231 pregnant women in recent months . In addition, no baby has been infected with the virus. Of all infected pregnant women, six are admitted to intensive care. One infected woman died.
  • Since the outbreak of the corona crisis in March, Dutch banks have granted 180,000 requests from businesses and consumers for help. A total of 15.2 billion euros is involved in providing new credit to companies and in postponing repayments.
  • In April, 160,000 people in the Netherlands lost their jobs. The Central Planning Board speaks of a historic contraction, but says that the situation is still not as good as in other countries. The unemployment rate rose to 3.4 percent as a result of the corona crisis. Almost 300,000 Dutch people were unemployed in April.
  • At airports and on the plane, the 1.5 meter distance does not always have to be kept strictly. Face masks are mandatory at the airport and on the plane.

  • The number of confirmed corona infections is increasing in several US states . In 21 states, the number of new cases last week was greater than a week earlier. Several states are in danger of reversing easing.
  • The American stock markets went deep into the red on Thursday. It is the biggest drop on Wall Street in three months. The stock indices rose again in recent months because the virus seemed to be under control.
  • Brazil has reached 40,000 deaths. In total, 40,919 people have now died from the coronavirus in the country. On Thursday, there were still 39,680.
  • The number of confirmed infections in India has increased by nearly 11,000 to 297,535. The country thus overtook the United Kingdom, which found 292,860 confirmed cases of contamination. India is now the fourth most affected country worldwide.
  • The Australian government is working on plans to allow up to 10,000 people in stadiums to watch sports matches soon. Protocols are being set up to accommodate groups of this size in stadiums that normally accommodate up to 40,000 people.

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