Matti Vanhanen's (middle) return to the post of minister was quoted in the European version of the online magazine Politico on Tuesday. Vanhanen will move from the position of Speaker of Parliament to Minister of Finance.

Politico mentioned the return of the ex-prime minister to the government in a Brussels Playbook column. Politico had dug up a characterization of Vanhan by former French President Jacques Chirac.

- Let me introduce you to the sexiest man in Scandinavia. Believe me, this is how all the magazines write here, Chirac told Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero at the 2006 ASEM meeting in Helsinki.

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Chirac referred to Eeva magazine's 2005 reader vote, in which Vanhanen was crowned with just this title.

IS readers also voted Vanhanen the sexiest prime minister in the world at the time.

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Politico also linked in a reader-friendly way to Google Image Search so that readers of the column can go and check out Vanhanen’s charisma for themselves.

Politico recalls Vanhanen's resignation as prime minister due to the 2010 election campaign, but has maintained a respected position in the Center Party.