Around the center, it went so hard last weekend that the stickers are probably still wondering where the east is and where the west is.

The ex-Prime Minister, the rise of President Matti Vanhanen (center) to become Minister of Finance has received a welcome buzz. Vanhanen's “modesty” in particular has been viewed with admiration.

However, there is a whisper in the inner circle of politics that modesty is not quite genuine.

The old man wanted to come. Illustratively, he was at first refusing to be ministerial. Then stick to pulling a group of ministers.

Well now he is both the Minister of Finance, the leader of the stick minister group and the so-called Deputy Prime Minister.

Vanhanen was still guaranteed to be the best and most credible choice. Hopefully health will last after cancer and heart surgery. It remains to be seen how modest Vanhanen intends to be only a professional minister and not a politician.

How is that possible?

Demarit also like the exchange. Called Prime Minister Sanna Marin (sd) “plague”, Saarikko is now out of government, and Vanhanen has said he supports the Prime Minister.

Ex-Minister Anu Vehviläinen's election of president has also become an acceptable buzz.

EU Member of Parliament Mauri Pekkarinen (center) was also a strong candidate for finance minister this weekend. However, he set such harsh conditions that his choice stopped on them.

Pekkarinen would not have agreed to be the minister of the piece.

He announced that he wanted a seat as head of the downtown ministerial group, but back in the weekend, President Kulmuni held on to his seat, which made no sense at all and what the constitutional scholars wondered.

But the stick isn't okay.

The party now has a problem the size of its chairman, which will not go away except by changing chairman.

The weekend’s messy play didn’t boost confidence in Kulmun’s leadership skills. The party waved like a weather vane. Kulmuni also had the mind in mind since leaving the government, but the more experienced warned of the consequences of the trick.

In January, Annika Saarikko presented her family addition to Katri Kulmun. In Kepu, it is already considered certain that Saarikko will take over the leadership of the party after Kulmuni.

Photo: Heikki Saukkomaa

My eyebrows are allowed to leave and Annika Saarikko, who will return in August as her family leave Minister of Culture and Science, will take her place.

The archipelago has not taken a position on the matter. Within half, this is considered certain.

- But Saarikko's choice is ensured by the unholy union of liberals and Lestadians, which has held power in the party for a long time. There will be a lot of them at the Oulu party conference, so the choice is not clear, it will be assessed from within the city center and it will be added that the old city center residents no longer have a place in the party.

Many have gone to the stands.

Will they return, it remains to be seen.

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The final screening may not be seen until next February in Parliament. Then Matti Vanhanen may return as Speaker of Parliament and Saarikko will become Minister of Finance in ministerial recycling.

There is only one in this forecast but:

The government may collapse in the fall.

Many even consider it certain, especially in the center, because at least the economic policy ideas of the stick and the Left Alliance cannot be welded together by anything unless one surrenders to their backs.