We’ve talked about tattoos in the past that have started to regret their taker.

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However, not all tattoos repent of their taker. Vice versa.

      Leena Lumilampi, a tattoo artist at The Flower Shop in Helsinki, says that sternum tattoos taken under the breasts are one of the most popular tattoo trends among women in recent years.

      - I am just now doing such a thing. It has been on the rise for a few years now and was most popular about three years ago. In the spring, this trend rises again and again.

      The tattoo artist also tells what one who dreams of that tattoo should take into account.

      - When choosing a subject, it would be important to consider how your own breasts descend. The model of the picture in relation to the area between your own breasts should be thought through carefully and you should consult a tattoo artist, who will pre-arrange the model if you are unsure.

      - It is good to make the fit in front of the mirror without a bra and with your back straight. Then again, wearing a bra or bikini and seeing what the picture looks like with them, she instructs.

      What does that tattoo look like then? 8 Finnish women presented their trend tattoos.

      “I had been thinking for a long time that I wanted a picture under my breasts”

      Laura, 31, has a tattoo depicting flowers, a pearl necklace and a skull.

      - It was taken in 2017 and I had been thinking for a long time that I wanted a picture under my breasts. I found a picture on the web that I went to edit with a tattoo artist.

      - I only saw the final picture when the tattoo was ready, because the skull was created so that after the pearl necklace was made, I had to come up with something that would combine the pictures. I then told the tattoo artist to put a skull in it. My kids think it looks more like an elf when I sit down, Laura laughs.

      Photo: Laura's home album

      Opinion changed

      Marika, 27, took a rose tattoo under her breasts just over a year ago. Marika already had rose tattoos and she wanted to continue her tattoos with the same theme.

      Photo: Marika's home album

      - The idea to take it really came from an extempora, because a couple of years ago I thought I would never take an “underboob tattoo”. Somehow, because of the images seen in the some, the body is in such a bubble that when taking such tattoos, the breasts must be in good condition and of a certain size in order to look good.

      - Fortunately, that distorted world of thought lasted only a couple of days, after which I was already reserving time for tattooing!

      “I wanted to highlight my strengths”

      Iina-Katariina, 27, took a tattoo below her breasts about three weeks ago. The tattoo is still in progress.

      - I own a lot of tattoos and this was the first where I tasted the taste of blood in my mouth and I couldn’t stand the act until the end. We decided with the tattoo artist that the tattoo would be done in two parts.

      Photo: Iina-Katariina's home album

      The pain is still worth it all.

      - I took the tattoo below my breasts and belly because I wanted to highlight my good sides and reward myself for a heavy spring. Anyway, tattoos raise my self-esteem and make me feel beautiful.

      “My style”

      Senni, 21, took his own tattoo in January 2019. The image shows a flower with geometric features and details.

      - The tattoo is a finished image of a tattoo artist that I bonged on his Instagram. I had been thinking about a tattoo between my breasts for a long time, but I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted. When I saw the tattoo artist’s sketch, I knew I wanted that picture because it was my style.

      Photo: Senni's home album

      “The place of the tattoo brings me confidence”

      The upper abdomen of the grain, 24, is decorated with a Viking compass tattoo taken in March.

      - The user of this symbol never gets lost on his way in a storm or bad weather, even when he does not know his own object, the symbolic meaning of the tattoo is heard.

      Photo: Grain home album

      Grain is happy with her tattoo.

      - The place of the tattoo gives me confidence and it fits it perfectly.

      "Insanely important"

      The tattoo found below Janina, 22, below the breasts is relevant.

      - Tattooing is insanely important. I've encountered in my life incredibly difficult things, which I thought I'd never make it.

      - However, I survived, and so to speak, when the flower burst, so did I. I wanted to get a tattoo of that little pretty flower because it told me about it.

      Photo: Janina's home album

      The location of the tattoo was also easy to decide.

      - I've always wanted a tattoo below the breast and this was a good place for that tattoo.

      Flowers for nature

      The nina, 22 tattoo was taken in August 2018.

      - I had long admired the chest tattoos of others and browsed through different images to get inspiration for my own image. However, other “horror stories” about the amount of pain somewhat slowed down tattooing.

      - Eventually I gathered my courage and stepped under a needle to a familiar tattoo artist. And the pain wasn’t as bad as I had thought - out of my ten tattoos, this was the most painless and effortless.

      Photo: Nina's home album

      Nina's tattoos are also largely nature-themed.

      - The country'm Grown man and nature after all those pretty flowers now also on your skin.

      Impressive swan tattoo

      Julian, 24, a three-part swan tattoo was completed in May.

      - It didn't happen to get a tattoo, even though it was a lot of intimidation, he says.

      Photo: Julian's home album

      Julia trusted her tattoo artist to design the swan.

      - I was wondering which picture I wanted for my breasts and immediately came up with the idea that the swan is beautiful and works perfectly between the breasts. The long neck and wings fit nicely under the breasts.