Guillermo Pérez Roldán, 50, was an excellent tennis player, especially on mass courts.

During his short career, the Argentine won nine ATP-level tournaments and rose to 13th place in the world rankings in 1988 at his best.

That year, he won, among other things, Swedish superstar Stefan Edberg on his way to the French Open semi-finals, where Andre Agassi overthrew him.

Throughout his career, however, Pérez Roldan kept a gloomy secret.

It was only 27 years after the end of his professional career that the tennis expert was finally ready to talk about the mental and physical violence he had suffered against him from his coaching father, Raul Pérez Roldán.

- My father was a visionary, excellent in technical details and a great coach, but he was also a poor father. I was unlucky to be his son. I would have preferred a worse coach and a better father, Perez pops up in an interview with the Argentine magazine La Nacion.

Peréz Roldán was a top-notch junior who won the French Open Junior Championship twice.

In addition to Pérez Roldán, his father coached his sister and a few other promising Argentine youths.

- Once I lost the game, I went to my room and he hit me in the mouth with a fist. He could also whip me with a belt and keep my head in the toilet bowl under water.

Father's gloomy methods were mainly aimed at the most promising of the crowd, Pérez Roldán - but the other trainees of this one also got their share of Raul's tricks. The man’s violent coaching sessions were a public secret in the country’s tennis circles.

Following the revelations of Pérez Roldán, Guillermo Rivas, a few years older than Pérez Roldán, has also opened his verbal chest. He reminds La Nacion how he escaped from a training camp led by Raul Pérez Roldán.

The coach had thrown Rivas with a tennis ball, after which the duo had drifted into a handball. Rivas spent the next night behind bars in a small hut in the courtyard of his hotel, where Pérez Roldán had arranged for him to be accommodated. A day later, Rivas - and Andrea Tiezzi, who was also in the camp - had already fled the scene.

- I thought I had to get out of here because that guy might even kill me. That's how I felt then, Rivas recalled.

In 1989, the 19-year-old super promise was enough, he divorced his father and continued his career without a coach. Yet Raul Pérez Roldán played a key role in the early retirement of his son.

In 1993, Guillermo rescued his father from two men who had beaten him at an Italian train station.

In the rush, Pérez Roldán injured his hand, which required several operations to repair. According to the man, the hand has never returned to normal movement.

After the injuries, Pérez Roldán’s career at the top of tennis was virtually over.

And not long after the next shock came. Raul's father had embezzled the millions his son earned in his tennis career from his bank account.

- I quit my career and already three months later I was bankrupt. The embezzlement came to me in 1994. I called the bank to withdraw money for a vacation trip and they said there was nothing left. I had lost several million.

Peréz Roldán, who lives in Chile today, is not on a date with his father. He makes a living as a tennis coach.

Peréz Roldán (pictured second from left) has published pictures of his coaching environment on Instagram.