The most ornate revelation of domestic summer flowers, ampoule strawberry, is suitable for home gardeners of all levels.

The most important thing in caring for strawberry strawberries is to know a few simple tricks that make it easy to take care of your own plant and enjoy the beautiful blooms and sweet berries.

- An ampoule is an ordinary strawberry that has been put to grow in an ampoule. It is usually a continuous crop that produces berries all summer long, says hortonomist Elina Vuori from the Kauppapuutarhaliitto ry.

Strawberries are a favorite delicacy of the summer and can be used in a variety of ways.

Photo: Panu Pälviä

Observe the weight of the ampoule

It is a good idea to lift the strawberry into the air at regular intervals and test how much it weighs. From the weight you quickly learn to see if it needs watering.

- It is a good idea to lift the ampoule from the bottom of the palm into the air and feel it heavy. If the pot feels heavy, there is usually enough water. The semi-dry plant already weighs less. If the ampoule again feels light, the mold is dry. If the plant has already begun to hang loose, watering is in a hurry.

To prevent the strawberry from getting too dry, watering should be done at its best on a daily basis. The weather, the place of growth, and the size and condition of the plant affect the water use of the strawberry, so it is difficult to give precise instructions.

If, for example, the strawberry strawberry is allowed to dry out, it is usually still salvageable.

- The supply of air is as important to the roots as the supply of water, so occasional drying is not a disaster. However, the drought must not be allowed to continue for long. A badly dried plant can be saved by immersing the root clump in water for a few minutes.

Examine the magazines

A well-kept strawberry looks healthy and lush, and a lot can be deduced from its leaf color.

- Amp strawberry is fine if its leaves are dark green, shiny and bouncing. If the leaves are very pale or reddened, it may be a lack of nutrients. It is also worth watching the flowering - if the flowering fades, the plant has not received enough nutrients. Regular fertilization is therefore important.

Because ampoule strawberry normally produces berries and flowers continuously, it needs more nutrients than, for example, green plants or herbs. Fertilizers that can be mixed with irrigation water are easy to use as long as they are used as instructed.

Strawberry varieties bloom beautifully.

Photo: Ulla-Maija Lähteenmäki

An outdoor, bright space is suitable for growing strawberries. The sunnier the strawberry hangs, the more often it should be watered. A habitat even in semi-shade is usually sufficient.

The strawberry does not need the latest greenhouse or the sunniest balcony of the apartment to succeed. The habitat should be outdoors to allow bees and bumblebees to pollinate the flowers and berries are generated.

Take advantage of runners

The most rewarding step in the treatment of ampoule strawberries is probably when the flowers develop into berries and the juicy red berries are ready to be eaten. The redder and larger the berry, the more certain it can be that the ampoule has been handled properly.

Long runners are a way for a strawberry to multiply.

Photo: Erkki Raskinen

The runners produced by the plant are a way for the strawberry to reproduce. The runner itself is already like a small plant.

- You should definitely take full advantage of the runners. Runners can be cut off and planted in the soil. As long as the runner is not planted very deep, it will soon begin to make its own roots and flowers. Even hanging runners are decorative.