A suspected accomplice of Ridouan T., prime suspect in the Marengo criminal case, was arrested in Dubai on Thursday. That reports the V olkskrant on Sunday based on sources.

Amir Faten M. is known as T.'s financial man , according to the Volkskrant . Last Thursday, special forces raided his home and he was arrested. He is said to have entered Dubai with a false passport two years ago.

The Dane was searched for years by Interpol because he allegedly had ties to T. He is also suspected of first-degree murder. Local media describe him as one of the most dangerous internationally active gang members. His gang is said to be involved in murders, drug trafficking and money laundering.

T. was arrested in Dubai on December 16, 2019. Three days later he was transferred to the Netherlands. T. is, among other things, detained for involvement in the murder of lawyer Derk Wiersum. In addition, he is suspected of involvement in a number of other liquidations.

According to local media, M. is currently being questioned. Preparations are being made and then transferred to the relevant authorities.