Singer Jannike Sandström and his producer wife Niklas Rosström got the idea on May Day and now the dream has come true.

A new song and a new music video was born, with authors coming from all over the world.

- I just had to believe that it is possible and then implement it, Jannike says.

Disappointment with the situation in the world made the Sandström-Rosström couple grab something unusual.

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Niklas contacted several musicians who had made international careers and things started to roll quickly.

- We were in a position where people's understanding of each other and the community was on a whole new and humble level, says Niklas, who was responsible for coordinating the project.

Jannike and Niklas first contacted their friend Henri Växbye in London and asked him to write a text that would deal with the story of all the people in the current situation. The song was named So Many People, So Many Stories.

Then musicians from London, Las Vegas, Mondilhan, Vaasa and several other places sent stems with home videos to producer Janne Hyöyy in Vaasa. The benefit combined the resulting material into a finished piece.

Jannike says that it took at least a week to get everything in place.

- The video represents the wall of life where all our personal paintings are hung, he says.

- We noticed at an early stage that when you do something completely emotionally and completely spontaneously, the best result comes.

- We wanted to release the single on the same day that Finland opened, Jannike says.

Ralph Salmins, who has played with Elton John, Aretha Franklin, Lady Gaga and Andrew Loyd Webber, participated in the making of the song.

Arranger and trumpet player Steve Sidwell’s merit list, in turn, includes Paul McCartney, Robbie Williams, George Michael and Stevie Wonder.

Finland was represented by Ingrid Riutamaa from the Lahti Sinfonietta, Tuukka Aitoaho and Janne Hyöty.

Sweden was joined by Tomas Ledin's band Jörgen Ingeström and Jessica Marberger, who is familiar with Melodifestival, Så Skall det låta and Björn Skifs.