The three-month wait for the Veikkausliiga teams Honga and FC Lahti ended with the duel meeting on Saturday. The confrontation, which was a preparatory game for the league starting in July, ended in a 2-1 victory for the Lahti guests.

In a limited event for 500 spectators, the safety of Corona-era security issues was investigated.

- This was now the first of its kind with such acts. The specific things that were tried worked, Honga's manager Hexi Arteva summed up.

- If we make it to the Finnish Cup, we will be able to play one more home game after Midsummer before the start of the series. We can make repairs, Arteva continued.

Honka has about 350 season tickets sold. However, the ticket to the FC Lahti match was redeemed by only about 200 spectators, so for some reason the season passers and others could not find the event. The sale took place remotely in advance or on site from the inner cash desk of the adjacent multipurpose arena.

The entrance to the match went well. No queues formed at all and handcuffs were offered inside the gate.

The match between Honka and FC Lahti on Saturday tested how the event can be organized with the help of corona restrictions. Fans on the way to the match.

Photo: Roni Rekomaa / Lehtikuva

The supporters of the bay, famous for their loudness and even fanaticism, were not visible and did not belong at all this time.

To a literally small audience, the field looked wonderfully in good condition.

- It was probably the first winter ever when it couldn't get in and wasn't allowed to freeze. It wasn't frosty. We have a new field manager and he has been very successful with his team, Hongan Arteva praised.

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Honka captain Duarte Tammilehto has a matter for the judge. Due to the corona restrictions, a total of less than 500 people were prepared to take part in the match.

Photo: Roni Rekomaa / Lehtikuva

    The game itself looked like a three-month break. It was enthusiastic, but the very best co-patterns were waiting for later games.

    A large proportion of spectators understood the formation of safety gaps in auditoriums. Some sat side by side and unnecessarily close to the adjacent group.

    A new pleasure for the small audience was that the sounds from the green carried to the galleries exceptionally well. The pounding of the ball and the shouts of the players to each other were like a new means of effect.

    For the second three-quarter, Honka replaced each of his field players, the two from Lahti.

    In the end, a couple of hundred spectators came to Espoo.

    Photo: Roni Rekomaa / Lehtikuva

    In the latter section, Tapio Heikkilä, Konsta Rasimus and Captain Duarte Tammilehto, among others, were missing from Honka's back lines and anchors of defensive play.

    - The result is always important, we always play for victory. There were two such annoying branches in it - of course, fine finishes from the opponent, Hongan Arteva scorned the 1-0 lead evaporation.

    Arteva listed a good match for the loss.

    - We got 20 field players for good minutes. We got a lot of data available for coaching. That something needs to change for next Wednesday’s HJK match.