Washington (dpa) - Democrat Joe Biden claims that he has secured the necessary votes for his party's presidential candidacy.

So it can now be considered certain that he will stand in the election on November 3 for the Democrats against the Republican Donald Trump, who is seeking a second term. Biden said on Saturday night that with the success of the recent primaries, he had now secured more than the 1991 delegate votes needed to nominate the party.

Biden promised that as president he would endeavor to unite the country after the polarizing years under Trump. The 77-year-old said he would strengthen the economy and fight for equal opportunities. Biden was most recently Vice President under President Barack Obama.

After the departure of his competitors, Biden was already a designated candidate for the Democrats. Now he also has the necessary votes for the nomination - and should surely win in the pending primaries.

On Tuesday, the states of Indiana, Maryland, Montana, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and South Dakota as well as the US capital Washington held primaries - in the midst of the corona pandemic and the ongoing protests against racism and police violence in the country. As expected, Biden was able to prevail everywhere. The next area codes are scheduled for June 9 in Georgia and West Virginia.

The US election campaign has been turned upside down by the corona pandemic. Rallies have been canceled for weeks because of the spread of the virus. Many primaries have been postponed, and the Democratic Party conference has been moved from July to August. It is unclear whether and when major campaign events can take place again. Many states have switched the area codes entirely to postal voting or at least significantly expanded this option.

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