The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) will report on Friday fifteen new deaths and eleven new hospital admissions as a result of the coronavirus. That means that now more than six thousand Dutch people have died of COVID-19.

The number of new infections remains slightly higher than in the past weeks. On Thursday, RIVM reported 209 infections; Friday that number will increase by 1 to 210.

The increase in the number of infections is most likely due to the large amount of corona tests currently being conducted. Since Monday 1 June, anyone with complaints can get tested quickly and in most cases the results will be followed within a few days.

During the technical briefing on Thursday, RIVM boss Jaap van Dissel expressed the hope that the result of a corona test will follow within one day, but that will currently take a few more days. Many people who immediately go to GGDs will probably get the results one of these days.

About 1,700 patients are 'highly contagious'

In total, 47,152 people have now been infected. The number of highly contagious persons has remained at 1,715. The experts state that this is an uncertain estimate and emphasize that the number can be between 1,190 and 2,291 people.

Figures on deaths and hospital admissions are in line with previous days: relatively small numbers continue to be reported.

Since the end of March, RIVM has reported that the number of new corona infections in the Netherlands is decreasing. The number of new patients, the number of hospital admissions, the number of IC admissions and the number of deaths per day indicate this.

All actual numbers are probably many times higher than the figures reported by RIVM, because not all COVID-19 patients are tested.

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