Eastern Uusimaa police say they have completed a preliminary investigation in Kerava on March 4. violence that has taken place.

Police say the case has been investigated as a murder and aggravated robbery. A man about 55 years old died as a victim of the crime.

The crime was revealed to the police on the basis of a report received at the emergency center, according to which a woman facing the blood had appeared behind the door of the apartment building on Lehmuskatu.

When police arrived at the scene and reached the woman, she said an armed couple had invaded her apartment. According to the woman, the couple had begun rioting in the apartment beating the woman and this male friend.

Police say that due to deep shock and alarm, the woman had not been able to give a clear picture of the course of the incident.

A police patrol found a woman's male friend's apartment lying on the living room floor bloody and in poor condition. An on-call first aid patrol began giving first aid measures to the victim. Despite resuscitation efforts, the doctor who arrived at the scene found the victim dead.

Police say in a statement that the victim had been beaten by, among other things, hitting his head with a gun and kicking his upper body. In addition, he had been shot three times with a powerful air rifle at his feet.

Police tracked down the suspects based on surveillance camera images, and just days after the act, police arrested two men and one woman for the incidents. The two men arrested were detained in the Eastern Uusimaa District Court on probable grounds on suspicion of murder and aggravated robbery.

The suspects have admitted during interrogations that they were in the apartment during the events. The reason for the assault, they said, was that one of the men suspected the victim had stolen property from him during the evening.

Because of this, he called his friend on the spot, who arrived at the apartment with an air rifle with him and began beating the victim. After the assault, the trio left the apartment and grabbed the property of the owner of the apartment when they left and took them with them.

In interrogations, one of the men has admitted to causing the injuries sustained by the victim using the violence. Another man as well as a woman admit to stealing property when they left the apartment.

The case has now been transferred to the prosecutor for prosecution.