Berlin (dpa) - The current calendar page for June 4, 2020:

23rd calendar week, 156th day of the year

210 days until the end of the year

Star sign Gemini

Name day: Christa, Klothilde, Quirin, Werner


2019 - Greece calls on Germany with a so-called diplomatic verbal note to negotiate reparations for war damage from the First and Second World War. A Greek commission of experts had calculated payments of up to EUR 290 billion three years earlier. Berlin regards the topic as done.

2012 - A Canadian porn actor searched internationally for murder is caught in Berlin. In front of the camera, he dismembered a student and sent parts of the body to political parties in Canada. At the end of 2014, the perpetrator was sentenced to life in Canada.

2000 - The US space agency NASA deliberately crashes a satellite for the first time. The Compton gamma-ray observatory, which weighs around 17 tonnes, is partially burned as planned in the earth's atmosphere.

1995 - Yemen delivers the terrorist Johannes Weinrich to Germany. In January 2000 he was sentenced to life in prison for the attack on the French cultural center "Maison de France" in Berlin in 1983. He is considered an accomplice of the top terrorist Ilich Ramirez Sanchez ("Carlos").

1989 - After the death of revolutionary leader Ayatollah Khomeini, Iranian President Ali Khamenei is elected to succeed him as leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

1980 - The "Free Republic of Wendland" founded by opponents of nuclear power near Gorleben is cleared by the police.

1970 - The South Pacific island nation of Tonga becomes independent. The kingdom, which is only 750 square kilometers, remains a member of the British Commonwealth.

1920 - With the Trianon peace treaty, concluded at the Grand Trianon summer palace in Versailles Park, Hungary loses two thirds of its territory.

1745 - At Hohenfriedeberg (today Dobromierz in Poland) King Frederick II "the Great" of Prussia beats the Austrians and thus forces a preliminary decision in the Second Silesian War.


1985 - Lukas Podolski (35), German soccer player (1. FC Cologne, FC Bayern Munich)

1975 - Angelina Jolie (45), American actress (Oscar 2000 for Best Supporting Actress in “Crazy”)

1970 - Ekrem Imamoglu (50), Turkish entrepreneur and politician (CHP), Mayor of Istanbul since 2019

1940 - Klaus Urbanczyk (80), German soccer player and coach, GDR national player 1961-69

1940 - Uwe Holy (80), German entrepreneur (Hugo Boss, Strellson)


2015 - Edith Hancke, German actress (television series «Drei Damen vom Grill»), born 1928

1945 - Georg Kaiser, German expressionist writer ("The Citizens of Calais", "From Morning to Midnight"), born 1878