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VO Council asks for clarity about corona rules in secondary education after the summer holidays
The VO Council wants the Cabinet to provide clarity about what secondary education will look like after the summer holidays. Secondary schools will be open again from Tuesday, but in a setting with 1.5 meters between the students. Because of this rule, schools are limited in teaching. In practice, only a quarter to a third of the pupils can attend school at the same time.

"If it is necessary to continue the existing 1.5-meter regime even after the holidays, this raises the question of what is the best possible education for all our different students for a longer period and how schools can achieve this. Preparation time: On July 1, schools will need to have more clarity in order to start the school year off right ", says board chairman Paul Rosenmöller.

He emphasizes that the VO council does not argue for a relaxation of the rules, but for advice from health experts.

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Halsema: '
Today's demonstration had been moved' Amsterdam mayor Femke Halsema would have moved the demonstration on the Dam or spread it over several places if she had known that thousands of people would come to it. She writes that in a letter that was sent to the city council on Tuesday evening.

"If the triangle (mayor, police and judiciary) had information that would show that more people would come to the demonstration on Dam Square, the triangle would of course have been taken and as usual taken measures," the letter states.

On Monday evening, some 5,000 protesters came to Dam Square to protest racism and police brutality. It was not possible to keep a distance of 1.5 meters.

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More than 430,000 identified infections in Russia
Russia today reports more than 8,500 new infections, further increasing the total to 432,277, the second largest worldwide after Brazil and the United States.

The death toll in Russia stands at 5,215, 178 more than yesterday.

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BOVAG: Public transport travelers choose the car more often by corona Car
companies sold 111,146 used cars in May. That is the second highest sales figure of used cars ever, BOVAG reports Wednesday. According to the trade association, this would be related to the demand for alternatives among people who usually travel by public transport.

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Italy reopens border, neighboring countries do not allow
Italians to travel all over the country and Italy also welcomes tourists from the Schengen area. The relaxations were announced in mid-May by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, who called it a "discounted risk."

Neighboring countries Switzerland and Austria are less enthusiastic about the relaxation and announced that they will continue to carry out border controls. Both governments do not want to think about a possible reduction of restrictions, because it would be " too early " for that.

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National Security Council Belgium discusses easing
It is expected that our southern neighbors will be able to go to restaurants and cafes from Monday. The National Security Council is discussing today which relaxation can be made from next week, VRT NWS writes  The "social bubble" of four permanent persons who are allowed to receive Belgians at home may also be increased.

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Death toll in Germany rises to 8,551
The Robert Koch Institute reports that 29 new coronavirus deaths have been recorded in Germany, bringing the total to 8,551. 342 people have also been tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. 

In the country, the terraces, restaurants, cafes are open again and it is busier on the street. The reproduction number fluctuates between 0.77 and 1.03, writes  Der Spiegel. 

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Spain reports no
corona deaths for the second day in a row For the second day in a row, the Spanish Ministry of Health reports no new deaths due to the corona virus. The number of corona deaths in Spain stands at 27,127.

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Death toll  Brazil above 30,000
In Brazil, the death toll from the coronavrius risen to more than 30,000. The country has not yet reached the peak, as Tuesday's Ministry of Health again reported a record amount of corona deaths; 1,262 corona deaths have been recorded in the last 24 hours, well above 1,039 last Tuesday.

The total number of coronavirus deaths in Brazil thus amounts to 31,199.

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"Corona crisis leads to major CO2 reduction, but it is not enough"
Due to the corona crisis, CO2 emissions are estimated to decrease by 4 to 7 percent this year, the sharpest decrease since World War II. But we will emissions each year at least to reduce the same rate as we are the global temperature rise below the agreed to hold 1.5 degrees, says the Canadian climate science professor Corinne Le Quéré from .

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Is this how Americans are going to elect their president in November? The Iowa primaries may have given Americans a glimpse into the future, as corona measures must also be taken into account in elections. (Photo: Pro Shots )

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The storm is not running yet, but also in France the restaurants, bars and cafes are allowed to receive customers again today. Some French still took the opportunity to grab a terrace again. (Photo: Pro Shots )

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Formula 1 boss: 'Races not canceled in positive corona test'
Chase Carey has ruled out that Grands Prix will be canceled if a driver or other team member tests positive for the corona virus during that weekend. The Formula 1 boss today also emphasizes when he announces the provisional calendar that he still hopes that five to eighteen races can be driven this year. Read more here .

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The GGD lists once again when you need to call the national number.

If you currently have symptoms such as a cold, cough, increase and sudden loss of smell or taste, stay at home and have yourself tested.

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The main corona news of Tuesday 2 June: the


  • In the daily update, RIVM again reported a small number of deaths (5) and hospital admissions (6) as a result of the coronavirus.
  • The cabinet will announce tomorrow that the travel advice for most European countries will be relaxed by June 15.
  • Campaigners who demonstrated against police brutality and racism in The Hague and Groningen adhered neatly to the 1.5-meter rule during the protests.
  • The nationwide phone number for corona test appointments launched yesterday was called 323,000 times on the first day.
  • Many secondary schools were able to welcome their first students again today.

  • For the first time in almost a month, Belgium reported fewer than a hundred new infections (98).
  • Thalys high-speed trains will run to and from Paris twice a day from Tuesday 9 June.
  • EasyJet airline wants to fly from Schiphol to Italy, France and Spain from 1 July.

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