Norwegian millionaire Tom Hagen arrived at the criminal police in Oslo as agreed on Wednesday morning, but only an hour later it was announced that the interrogations had been suspended.

Hagen's lawyer Mikkel Toft Gimse told Dagbladet that the interruption was due to Hagen's state of health.

- He has taken it seriously that he has been suspected of what happened. I and the representatives of the criminal police stated that his condition did not allow for questioning now.

According to Gimsen, they are also preparing their own answer to the questions given to them. No decision was taken on the continuation of the interrogation.

Tom Hagen became rich with the help of an electricity company he founded in 1992. He is Norway’s 162nd richest person with assets of about NOK 1.9 billion.

Photo: NTB Scanpix / Torbjørn Olsen / via REUTERS

- Hagen had tried to gather himself for interrogations and, despite his health, wanted to come to them. He will continue to cooperate with the police as before, Gimse assured.

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On Tuesday, during interrogations, it emerged that Hagen has offered to pay the required cryptocurrencies for his wife.

According to VG magazine, on Friday Hagen sent a message to his wife's alleged kidnapper confirming that he was paying a ransom.

- We want to get in touch with the other party. That is why we ended up doing this, and we are now hoping for an answer. Police have not been involved in the process, Hagen's lawyer told Svein Holden VG.

Anne-Elisabeth Hagen disappeared in October 2018, and she or her body have not yet been found. In a letter found after the wife's disappearance, the one who registered as a kidnapper demands a ransom of 9 million euros from Hagen. Police, on the other hand, believe the husband staged the case.

Hagen, suspected of murdering or aiding his wife, was released from pre-trial detention by an appeals court decision in early May, after which police appealed the decision.