The sixth man-made mass extinction of animal species has progressed faster than previously predicted, an international team of scientists warns in an article in the scientific publication PNSA on Monday.

The researchers came to the conclusion after monitoring 29,400 vertebrate species, of which 515 individuals were found to have fallen to less than a thousand. In the last century, 94 percent of the bird and mammal species that drifted into a population of less than a thousand individuals became extinct.

The topic was previously reported in Finland by Tekniikan Maailma and Helsingin Sanomat.

Mexican professor Gerardo Ceballos González, a member of the research team, told the news channel CNN that between 2001 and 2014, about 173 species became extinct.

- This is entirely our fault, González said in an email he sent to the channel.

According to the research team, the extinction wave may pose the most serious environmental threat to the sustainability of civilization because it cannot be stopped. The consequences of this development are the loss of biodiversity and various chain reactions that upset the balance of habitats. In the end, the person responsible for development will also become the payer.

According to the researchers, the development of harm is significantly accelerated by the illegal and legal sale of wild animals for human consumption. The wildlife trade, which is rampant in China, among others, has been the subject of widespread international criticism this year because it is suspected to have led to the first coronavirus infections.

- It is certain that more pandemics will be seen in the future if we continue to destroy habitats and sell wildlife for human consumption for human consumption and public medicine. The contribution is the fate of humanity and most living species, the researchers write in their article.

According to current data, five mass extinctions have been found in world history. The most recent dates back 66 million years, when the reign of dinosaurs ended with an asteroid striking the earth.

The sixth wave of extinction is currently accelerating most rapidly in the tropical and subtropical zones.