The police arrested seven suspects last week who are suspected of participating in an internationally operating organization that is said to be involved in money laundering. "Those involved communicated with each other by using names from the children's series Sesame Street," reports Wednesday.

Therefore, during the investigation of the men, ages 35 to 65, they became known as the Sesame Street Cartel.

"This criminal organization would bring drugs into the Netherlands through European ports and launder large amounts for this purpose," said the police. It is not known how many drugs the suspects would have brought in.

At the end of last year, searches were already carried out at commercial properties and homes at twenty locations in the Netherlands. "One of the arrested suspects was already arrested for owning over 50,000 XTC pills and is being prosecuted separately." Another suspect has found false IDs.

The suspects are in restrictions, which means they can only have contact with their lawyer.