The debate on racism in the United States and more broadly in the rest of the world has grown significantly in recent days. Thousands of people have risen to protest against structural, visible and latent racism, urging authorities, decision-makers and the people to take action to address injustices.

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Numerous athletes have also taken a stand on the growing debate, stood up against racism and used their voices to point out injustices and seek solutions.

Yesterday Tuesday celebrated World Blackout Tuesday, a music industry statement on racial inequality. Finnish quick fence star Nooralotta Neziri raised the topic with her own Instagram account and at the same time commented on the prevailing debate.

- I consider this to be a really important topic in everyday life, and I would like this not to be forgotten after this day, but for all of us to remember that of culture, race, color, whatever we are, we are all equal and all just as good people. , Neziri emphasized in his Instagram story.

- I have lived between two cultures, so I can say this in full. I myself have been quite lucky when I oo experienced racism towards my face. I know you may not have had something small in that media, etc., but that in itself didn't touch me. I'm really grateful for that, he continued.

Neziri himself is from a multicultural family and his father is a Macedonian Albanian.

- We are all one, Neziri writes in his release on Tuesday.

In her story, Neziri emphasized that her intention is not to talk about the topic “to compare my own whimsy to really big problem areas” but that she feels it is important that the issue is discussed. IS has not reached Nezir to comment.