Mink farms where corona infections have been diagnosed in recent weeks are being culled. This concerns eight locations, sources confirm to NU.nl after reports from RTL Nieuws on Wednesday .

The clearing is done in the context of public health and is expected to take place this week. There have already been cases of transmission of the mink coronavirus to humans.

The infections were from the end of April at several companies in Gemert-Bakel, Laarbeek, Deurne and Sint Anthonis. There is a suspicion of contamination at a company in Venray. Last week, experts warned that these companies should not become a "virus reservoir".

There had previously been a national ban on the transport of minks and visiting stables at mink farms. The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) has assessed that the risk of exposure of people to the virus outside the house is "negligible".

From 2024 it is prohibited to have a mink farm in the Netherlands. An arrangement will be made for mink breeders who want to stop their business.

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