Classroom Meeting 3 managed to cross the international news threshold when Hollywood Reporter headlined the comic film’s historical filming arrangements during the exceptional period.

Filming of the latest part of the hit film is currently underway, although the limitations of the coronavirus pandemic are still in place in many ways. This is one of the first films to be produced in northern Europe in the midst of a pandemic.

The director of the film, Renny Harlin, says in an interview that the filming involves a health professional on a daily basis, the so-called virus officer, who monitors compliance with hygiene guidelines and safety intervals.

Among other things, Korona prevents the safe execution of mass scenes in movies as well as intimate scenes. Filming therefore utilizes special visual effects to ensure that Actors and the crew remain at a sufficient safety distance in group scenes.

- We need to develop a digital way to make people kiss, for example. People also have to be made digitally for mass scenes, Harlin reflected in a recent interview with Yle Ykkösaamun.

The filming of the film has had to be prepared completely remotely. This time, the filming locations were not sought by the professional doing the work, but the director walked to Helsinki himself on a tram.

Class Meeting 3 is Markus Selin's and Renny Harlin's first collaboration since the cult film Jäätävä polte.

Photo: Pete Aarre-Ahtio

Harlin, who also had an impressive career in the United States and China, said in an interview with an American newspaper that the time was right to return to the Finnish film scene.

- I've lived in Hollywood and in Beijing for the past 35 years and made 22 films. I felt this summer was the perfect time to get back to my roots and do a beautiful, uninhibited comedy with a group of old guys, Harlin tells the Hollywood Reporter.

The film is a sequel to the hugely popular Class Meeting and Class Meeting 2 - Stag parties, which have received a total of more than 800,000 viewers in cinemas. The film is starring Jaajo Linnonmaa, Aku Hirviniemi and Sami Hedberg.

The film will be released in theaters in Finland in 2021.

Earlier, in an interview with Yle, Harlin uploaded harsh figures to the counter about the crisis that the film industry has plunged into after the corona closed down movie theaters and halted new productions.

- 70,000 film screens have been closed in the United States alone. All filmmaking has come to a standstill, leading to the unemployment of tens of thousands. It has been calculated that the Hollywood film industry has already lost $ 20 billion due to the crisis. The five-year forecast is $ 160 billion.

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    Class meeting 3.

    Photo: Solar Films