Regenstauf (dpa / tmn) - Moving for the job can cost money. The good news: the tax office can share in the costs. For example, expenses for furniture transport, trips to view apartments or for double rent payments can be deducted, explains the Bavarian Wage Tax Assistance (Lohi).

In order to deduct the costs incurred, however, it is necessary to document all expenses and to obtain and collect valid supporting documents. A flat rate can also be applied for other relocation costs.

Flat rates have been increased

This lump sum increased slightly in 2020: since the beginning of March it has been 820 euros for singles and 1639 euros for married people or life partners. For each child or other family member in the household there is an additional 361 euros. Previously, the flat rate was 811 euros for single people, 1622 euros for married couples and 357 euros for other household members.

In order for the higher flat rate to be applicable, the last day of moving this year must have been at least March 1st. If another professionally induced move takes place within a period of five years, the lump sums are increased by 50 percent.

Not for private removals

The flat rates do not apply to private removals, but only for work-related reasons. This is the case, for example, if the travel time between home and work is reduced by at least one hour. In the case of private removals, taxpayers can set the costs for the moving company as a household service.