If a new passport or ID card is requested, a photo must in future be submitted digitally. This is provided for in a federal government bill that the cabinet has passed. Children's ID cards should also only be valid for one year.

According to the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the aim of the planned changes is to make counterfeiting of ID cards more difficult. It is also intended to prevent administrative officials from accepting photographs that are ultimately not biometric.

Anyone applying for an identity card should also be obliged in the future to provide two fingerprints that will be saved in the ID card. This will implement an EU regulation that will enter into force in August 2021, it said.

The photo for a passport or identity card can be taken for a fee of six euros in the issuing authority or in a photo shop. The prerequisite here is that the photo shop then transmits the image to the passport authority via secure transmission. Through the original suggestion from Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer (CSU) that in future the photos should only be taken by the authorities, the owners of the photo shops saw their business model threatened.

The children's ID card, which is handed out immediately, should not be abolished according to the draft law. Instead of six years, it will only be valid for one year. Parents can apply for the biometric passport for their offspring, which is then valid for six years.

According to the draft, people who are not listed as female or male in the civil status register can in future also have an X entered in the "Gender" field in their passport or in a document relating to immigration law. If, however, you are afraid of being discriminated against on the basis of this gender entry when traveling, you can also choose to continue to be called "male" or "female" in your passport, even if there is something else in the civil status register.