As a fourth country, Brazil has exceeded 30,000 deaths related to the coronavirus. A record more than 1,200 new deaths were confirmed in the country on Tuesday, bringing the total balance to more than 31,000.

More than 28,000 new infections were confirmed. There are more than 550,000 confirmed infections in Brazil, with a population of 210 million, the second highest in the world. The United States, Britain and Italy are now ahead of Brazil in terms of deaths.

In reality, there are likely to be many more infections in Brazil, as testing in the country is severely deficient compared to European countries and the United States. More than half of the corona tests in Brazil have been positive, suggesting that many infections go undetected.

Latin America has become one of the fastest growing areas in the coronavirus pandemic in recent weeks. More coronary deaths were recorded in Brazil on Tuesday than in any other country.

The situation is also serious in Mexico, Peru and Ecuador. More than 10,000 deaths have been recorded in Mexico, more than 4,600 in Peru and more than 3,400 in Ecuador.

According to the Worldometer statistics page, 147 deaths per million inhabitants have been recorded in Brazil, 79 in Mexico, 141 in Peru and 195 in Ecuador. The corresponding figure in Finland is 58.

Restrictions are being relaxed in Sao Paulo

Of the Brazilian states, the virus is most prevalent in Sao Paulo, with nearly 120,000 infections and nearly 8,000 deaths.

A record number of both infections and deaths were reported in Sao Paulo on Tuesday. On the same day, shopping malls and offices were opened around the state. In the city of Sao Paulo itself, restrictions will not be lifted until mid-June.

Shops and beaches also opened in the state of Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday.

Interest rate restrictions have become a political stick in Brazil. Right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro has repeatedly criticized the restrictive measures he sees as destroying jobs.

However, many states have wanted to stick to the restrictions. Already, two health ministers have had to leave the government within a couple of months after running into disagreements with Bolsonaro.