Protests have been going on in the United States for days after the death of George Floyd. He died during his arrest after a cop pressed his knee to his neck for minutes. In other countries, the Black Lives Matter protest has also sparked. Follow the latest developments here.

Barack Obama Discusses "George Floyd Situation" in America
Former President of the United States, Barack Obama, discusses recent events in the United States and the history of excessive police brutality in the United States at 5 p.m. (local time, 11 p.m. Dutch time). country, CNN  writes  based on Obama's own foundation.

The ex-president can be followed via a live stream. It is the first time that Obama will speak in front of cameras about the George Floyd protests. In an earlier written statement, he said that the death of a black, arrested man "cannot be normal" in 2020. According to Obama, the system that controls the police must be thoroughly overhauled.

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Halsema: Demonstration had been moved with knowledge now that
Mayor Femke Halsema would have moved the demonstration on the Dam or spread it over several places, if she had known that thousands of people would come to it. She writes that in a letter that was sent to the city council on Tuesday evening.

"If the triangle (mayor, police and judiciary) had information that would show that more people would come to the demonstration on Dam Square, the triangle would of course have been taken and as usual taken measures," the letter states .

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Protesters Seattle bring umbrella against tear gas
It doesn't rain, but there are still numerous umbrellas on the street in Seattle. The protesters are copying a page from the book by the Hong Kong protesters, who regularly brought umbrellas in defense of tear gas with them in their actions against China.


More umbrellas going up at front of demonstration— crowd chanting “no more gas!” #seattleprotests

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Another troubled night in New York
Thousands of people in New York have ignored the curfew, causing troubled situations. A precarious situation on the famous Manhattan Bridge could eventually be resolved without any problems.

Hundreds of people had marched to the bridge to demonstrate against police brutality and racism. They were enclosed by officers on either side, after it became clear that the group was trying to reach Manhattan. The police did not allow that, but the group was eventually allowed to return to Brooklyn.

It was the eighth night in a row that protesters took to the streets in dozens of American cities. In all, tens of thousands of people would have ignored curfews, Reuters writes  .

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Soldiers Sent to Washington
The United States Department of Defense sent 1,600 military personnel to Washington, DC, to help civilian authorities maintain order during the Black Lives Matter protests.

The military are currently stationed at military bases in the region and have not yet been deployed to the city.

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Soldiers of the National Guard guard the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC

Your Lincoln Memorial this evening.

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William Hurd is the only African American Republican congressman in the United States House of Representatives. He attended a Black Lives Matter demonstration in Houston on Tuesday hosted by George Floyd's family.


I'm in Houston marching in solidarity with George Floyd's family. We are showing you can be outraged by a black man getting murdered in police custody, thankful for our First Amendment rights and angered that people are looting and rioting, which goes against our American values.

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In New York, curfew has gone in, but hundreds of protesters are still on the street, like here at the Trump International Hotel near Central Park

The scene outside Trump International Hotel at around 7pm. Protesters are still out at 8.07pm, defying the citywide curfew

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Protesters pelted with tear gas In Paris,
20,000 people have demonstrated in Paris against brutal police brutality, the police using tear gas. The # BlackLivesMatter demonstration before the Supreme Court in Batignolles, a northern district was banned by the police due to the coronado restrictions, yet thousands of masks gathered to express their anger at the death of African-American George Floyd a week ago in Minneapolis mastered by a police officer.

The protesters also called the name of Adama Traore, a 24-year-old black man who died in July 2016 while being detained by French police. Traore's family says his last words, like Floyd's, were, "I can't breathe." Four years later, no one has yet been convicted of Traore's death, and in France, like Floyd in the US, he has become a symbol of police brutality. (Photo: Pro Shots)

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A protest march is being held near the White House in Washington DC. This time, however, care is taken to avoid direct confrontation.

A huge contrast to last night at the White House: the MPD has been helping block cross streets as the march winds along. So far, no confrontation.

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Pain and anger among protesters on the Malieveld: 'Feels strong to be here'
For the second day in a row, Dutch protesters expressed their support for the anti-racism protests that have been holding the United States for over a week. The atmosphere at the Malieveld in The Hague was today combative and emotional. spoke to several attendees.

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The anti-racism protests in The Hague and Groningen, for example, took place
on the Malieveld in The Hague and on the Grote Markt in Groningen. The protests were triggered by the death of black American George Floyd in Minneapolis last week.

The anti-racism protests in The Hague and Groningen, for example, proceeded

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Demonstration Rotterdam at Erasmus Bridge
The demonstration against police brutality and racism in Rotterdam will take place tomorrow at the Erasmus Bridge. That says the mayor of Rotterdam Ahmed Aboutaleb to Rijnmond . The municipality has granted permission for a demonstration from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm on the Glitterplein, the pedestrian area of ​​the Erasmus Bridge and Wilhelminaplein.

The protest would first take place on the Schouwburgplein. However, only eighty people were allowed to attend to guarantee the one and a half measure. Earlier protests in The Hague, Groningen and Amsterdam attracted thousands of people.

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Minnesota State Complaints Against Police For Violating Human Rights
The state of Minnesota has brought charges against the Minneapolis police force following the death of George Floyd. Floyd passed away last week after a cop pressed a knee to his neck for minutes. According to the state, it violated Floyd's human rights.

Governor Tim Walz announced the charges at a news conference. "Society may expect nothing to happen, because so often nothing happened before. But not this time," said Walz. The governor announced an investigation into the policies and actions of the police over the past decade and whether there has actually been systematic discrimination. The FBI has also started an investigation.

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Many protesters are on the move in New York. Among other things, there are protests at the main police building. (Photo: Pro Shots)

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That most protesters in Washington DC are not rioting is evidenced by the fact that this previously daubed statue near the White House is now being cleaned.

In Washington DC near the White House, citizens work to scrub off graffiti from this statue of Civil War-era Union Army Maj. Gene. James McPherson.

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Five questions about the causes of the massive disturbances in the US
Demonstrations against police brutality are being demonstrated in hundreds of American cities. In many places, police officers crack down on demonstrators, bystanders and the press. What is going on? answers five questions about the unrest in the US.

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Today, hundreds of people have come to demonstrate in front of the White House. Like previous days, many of them are on one knee.

Hundreds are back outside the White House this afternoon kneeling in protest

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Anti-racism protests in The Hague and Groningen well attended, 1.5 meter rule observed A few thousand demonstrators on the Malieveld in The Hague and hundreds of protesters on the Grote Markt in Groningen protested peacefully on Tuesday evening against racism and anti-black violence. The activists at both locations followed the one and a half meter distance rule related to the coronavirus. Read more here .

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The demonstrators' departure is also uneventful, no incidents are reported. Malieveld is now almost empty again. (Photo: Pro Shots)

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Halsema does not think about resigning after criticism of action during protest
Femke Halsema does not consider resigning after the criticism that sounded from the city council for her performance during the # BlackLivesMatter demonstration on Monday. That said the mayor of Amsterdam on Tuesday evening in Utrecht for consultations within the Security Council.

"I think the opposition should first wait for the facts to be told," she said. "It is amazing to me that you already make decisions before someone has spoken." Read more here .

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According to a spokesman for the municipality of The Hague, the demonstration on the Malieveld was "orderly, quiet and in a good atmosphere". After the demonstration, participants did not all leave the site at the same time, as agreed with the municipality. Demonstrators stayed in small groups and kept an appropriate distance, the spokeswoman said.

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The final number of participants in the demonstration is estimated at about 2000-3000. The manifestation is coming to an end. #BlackLivesMatter #Malieveld

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The demonstration on the Malieveld is drawing to a close. Those present are also asked to leave in an orderly manner.

Demonstration of the past trip is justified by bus or tram and give each other space.

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The 'sit-in' on the Grote Markt in Groningen is also still very popular. (Photo: Pro Shots)

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Almost the entire field is still on one knee in The Hague. (Photo: Royall)

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"I'm here because I don't think it's normal what happens"
For Camila from Wijk aan Zee, the video where a policeman kneels on George Floyd's neck for several minutes, until his death, was the breaking point.

"This is the first time that I protest. Even though my friends don't want to come. I'm here (at the Malieveld, ed.) Because I don't think it's normal what happens. To show how strong your voice can be are ", said 22-year-old Camila, who has also faced discrimination.

"I am Colombian. I was discriminated against up to secondary school with my thick lips, full body and round nose. Because it was 'weird'. And I still know that it is not even comparable to what other people experience. Therefore I am here. "

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"It is not just about America, we are not in order here either."
The demonstrators at the Malieveld say that they are present not only in solidarity with the protests in the United States, but also because of racism at home. "Discrimination at the Tax Authorities, while applying for a job, ethnic profiling at the police ... These are organizations we trust, but that trust is gone", say Stephan and Dena from Scheveningen. "Together we should do something about it because of getting back."

Dena: "Floyd's death made an impact. Maybe Corona played a part too. You sit inside all the time and keep getting information. I hope the police officers involved in his death are prosecuted. Even if it's not all for America: here too we are not in order. "

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Also Dutch TV channels on black
Following some American television broadcasters, some channels on Dutch TV will go black tonight. MTV, Comedy Central, and Spike will display a black screen for 8 minutes and 46 seconds from 8 p.m., a reference to how long George Floyd has had no breath. During that time frame, only breathing sounds can also be heard.

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Many attendees brought home-made signs, which mainly read calls to action against racism. (Photo: Pro Shots)

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Many protesters put a clenched fist in the air. Also, nearly all attendees will get down on their knees, as was done earlier this week by protesters in several U.S. cities honoring victims of police brutality, as well as officers apologizing for it.

It is also a reference to Colin Kaepernick, the American football player who knelt in 2016 during the national anthem in protest of police brutality and discrimination.

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The demonstration on the Malieveld is still running smoothly, the police have not yet had to intervene. (Photo: Pro Shots)

yesterday at 6:05 PM

The demonstration is also getting busier on the Grote Markt in Groningen. The demonstrators can still keep a sufficient distance between themselves. Also, many people wear mouth masks. (Photo: van Houten)

yesterday at 5:55 PM

Despite the crowds, everyone at the Malieveld in The Hague neatly adheres to the prescribed mutual distance. The organization of the demonstration is running around with megaphones to ask people to keep the distance rule in mind. Mouth masks are distributed and spray marks are placed on the floor. (Photo: Royall)

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Slowly more and more people are coming to the Malieveld. For the time being, there is still more than enough space to keep distance from each other. (Photo: Royall)

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It is still relatively quiet on the Malieveld in The Hague, which means that it is easy to keep 1.5 meters away for the time being, says reporter Michael Royall. However, there is a police present to ensure that this remains the case.

yesterday at 5:30 PM

After consultation with the municipality and #blacklivesmatternl, the police deploy a drone during the demonstration #Malieveld to make overview images. If necessary, we help to spread people better and keep the correct distance of 1.5 meters. # Denhaag #samenkunnenweditaan

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The Municipality of Groningen allows anti-racism demonstration on the Grote Markt
The Municipality of Groningen allows an anti-racism demonstration on the Grote Markt on Tuesday evening. The city council decided that earlier today. If the 1.5 meter distance is observed, there is room for up to eight hundred demonstrators. Read more here .

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Curfew in New York for the rest of the week
In New York there is a curfew for the rest of the week. Residents are no longer allowed to leave their houses after 8 p.m., Mayor Bill de Blasio announced. There will be more police on the street to enforce the curfew. The Blasio called the combination of the coronavirus and the protests a "perfect mix" of bad conditions.

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Grapperhaus understands Halsema's actions 
Minister Ferd Grapperhaus (Justice and Security) understands Amsterdam's mayor Femke Halsema's decision not to end the anti-racism demonstration on the Dam. He let her know yesterday, he just said in the House of Representatives. After brief contact with the mayor, who had underestimated the turnout, it was decided to let go of the one and a half meter rule so as not to escalate the situation. Read  here about the Question Hour with Grapperhaus about the protest in Amsterdam. (Photo:  Pro Shots )

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American music channels broadcast breath sounds
The American music channels MTV and VH1 broadcast a black screen with breath sounds in the background for almost nine minutes on the night of Monday to Tuesday, as an ode to the late George Floyd.

The phrase 'I can't breath' adorned the black screen . This sentence was uttered several times by Floyd when an American police officer sat with his knee on his neck. The broadcast lasted a total of 8 minutes and 46 seconds. It was exactly that long that the agent in question pressed Floyd's neck, resulting in his death.


For 8 minutes and 46 seconds, we will go dark in tribute to George Floyd. We dedicate this time to the victims of police brutality and the powerful movement fighting for justice. Join @ColorofChange. Text DEMANDS to 55156. #BlackLivesMatter

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Paris Police Bans Adama Traore Protest 
The Paris Police bans a demonstration that would be held today for 24-year-old Adama Traore. That black man was killed four years ago when he was arrested in the French capital. His death is linked by some to that of the American George Floyd. The police said in a statement that there is a risk of a disturbance of public order and also fear of new corona infections. After Traore's death in 2016, several violent protests took place.

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EU chief: Keep a watchful eye on excessive use of force
The European Union is shocked by the death of George Floyd, says Josep Borrell. According to the EU foreign chief, all societies must "keep a watchful eye on the excessive use of force". Borrell calls Floyd's death a "very unfortunate" case, and also says this incident reveals "police abuse of power". He also points out that the European Union condemns any form of racism.

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Halsema under fire after protest got out of hand
Several parties in the Amsterdam city council have requested an emergency debate in which mayor Femke Halsema must account for the massive Black Lives Matter protest on Dam Square. 

Coalition party D66 said it had several questions regarding the protest. The opposition supports the requested urgent debate. Both the local fraction of the VVD and that of the Forum for Democracy (FVD) say that they have put a vote of no confidence.

Halsema is under fire after yesterday that it was impossible for the protesters to keep a distance from each other. No action was taken, according to the mayor, because the right to demonstrate is enshrined in the constitution.

"If we could have predicted that this would be such a popular demonstration, we would have taken other measures," said Halsema. "If I could have foreseen this, so many people in a huddle, we would have led it away normally." (Photo:  Pro Shots )

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Millions raised for survivors of Floyd
A fundraiser from the relatives of George Floyd has already raised more than $ 8.6 million (approximately 7.7 million euros). That's well above the $ 1.5 million target. Floyd's brother set up the action because of the costs the family will incur due to funeral, grief counseling, and lawsuits, among others. The money is also used for the care and future education of Floyds children.

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