1. “I don’t lose weight because I have bad genes”

False. No one has such bad genes that weight management would not be possible. Inheritance does affect, of course, but along with environmental factors.

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2. “As long as you lose weight, the way doesn’t matter so much”

A typical mistake when losing weight is that pounds are quickly pulled down by extreme means. Then keep your thumbs up and hope the endure lasts. However, that is unlikely. When you make a lifestyle change, it should take years.

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3. “Weight loss is inevitably a war against hunger”

Hunger always comes second. In the worst case, the weight jojoba from side to side between starvation and binge eating.

It is not worth fighting endlessly endlessly but starting to eat better, enough and so that hunger stays away.

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4. “I lose weight if I don’t eat carbs because they make you fat”

The accumulation of excess pounds is due to the fact that you eat more than you consume. Excess energy can come from carbohydrates, such as sugary drinks, but also from fat or protein.

Instead of avoiding carbohydrates, weight management should focus on improving their quality and increasing physical activity. If you want to lose weight, you don’t need any food bans.

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5. “Low heart rate endurance exercise is best for the dieter”

All exercise is good for your health and it also helps with weight management. It’s important to exercise - on your own fitness level and in a way that makes sense to you - without constantly thinking about just calories.

The dieter should pay special attention to muscle fitness training, as a large amount of lean tissue helps keep weight under control. Strength training also helps prevent muscle mass loss during weight loss.

Strength training with decent weights will help you gain valuable muscle mass.

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6. “It is enough to eat only once a day”

Skipping breakfast alone can lead to wolf hunger and binge eating in the evening. Managing hunger - and thus weight - is easier when the meal rhythm is steady. A good rhythm can be 3-6 meals a day.

A regular and varied diet is essential for weight management.

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7. “A strike is always worthwhile”

Striking has the risk that lasting results will not be achieved. Black and white sounds easy and moderation sounds complicated, but moderation is worth striving for, as strike can only add to the mood.

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8. “Burning calories through exercise is crucial”

If your goal is to lose weight, see what you put in your mouth. Effective weight loss through exercise alone is rare.

Simply starting an exercise - for example, brisk walking many times a week - loses an average of 2-3 pounds of weight. To reduce the number of pounds, you also need to lighten the calories you eat.

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