Berlin (dpa) - Numerous athletes have moved the sad fate of George Floyd.

Whether Jadon Sancho, Achraf Hakimi or Marcus Thuram in the Bundesliga, Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton or basketball greats like Stephen Curry and LeBron James - the motto for numerous sports activities around the world was: "Justice for George Floyd" for George Floyd). Similar actions have already taken place:

KNEE CASE: On August 14, 2016, NFL football player Colin Kaepernick provoked President Donald Trump with the demonstrative knee drop at the US anthem and divided US society. Kaepernick wanted to protest racism and police violence against blacks in the United States. "I will not stand up and proudly demonstrate for a flag that stands for a country that suppresses black and other colored people," he explained his gesture. Numerous players subsequently joined the campaign, which caused heated discussions in the USA, because kneeling or sitting at the anthem is considered disrespectful. The campaign had consequences for Kaepernick, he was fired from the San Francisco 49ers in 2017 and has so far not found a new team.

BLACK POWER: The two sprinters Tommie Smith and John Carlos caused a stir at the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City with their historic gesture. The 200-meter winner and the Olympic bronze medalist raised their fists in the podium with their heads bowed - wrapped in black gloves - in the air. They demonstrated for the "Black Power" movement and protested discrimination against the African American population in the United States.

SPEECH: After winning the World Cup title, soccer star Megan Rapinoe used her speech at the 2019 reception in New York to mobilize against grievances and the policies of the US President. Since then, she has repeatedly campaigned for the fight against racism, homophobia and for equality. It has garnered a lot of praise worldwide, but also criticism from the conservative camp at home in the US

PHOTO: On June 21, 1998, the two hostile states USA and Iran meet at the World Cup. The feared tensions did not materialize. Instead, both teams provided an impressive demonstration when the players posed together for a team photo in the spirit of FIFA Fair Play Day and also exchanged flowers and gifts.

BANNER: Immediately before the international match against Sweden in Gothenburg, the players of the Swiss national team unroll a banner with the inscription: "Stop it Chirac". They wanted to demonstrate against the French nuclear test in Mururoa Atoll. «The nuclear tests are directed against humanity, we wanted to join the worldwide protest. We only acted as role models as top footballers, »said Bundesliga professional Alain Sutter.