Professional bodybuilder Beverly Direnzo has died at the age of 49. Direnzo’s man told the crushing news on the woman’s own Instagram account.

The exact cause of Direnzo's death is not known, but his departure was apparently to some extent expected.

The writing of the widowed man was very emotional.

- My eternal loved one slept as he wanted, falling asleep peacefully next to me. No more pain.

Direnzo, who began her professional career in 2000, is considered one of the pioneers of female bodybuilding in her native United States. He was known in sports circles as an extremely entertaining competitor for his showy poses.

The woman, who has been touring professional stages for nearly 20 years, also kept her own gym, where she coached and sparred several young athletes.

The premature deaths of fitness athletes have shaken bodybuilding circles recently.

Luke Sandoe, an Englishman considered one of the biggest bodybuilding promises, passed away at the age of only 30 in early May, quite unexpectedly.

Also, the sudden deaths of bodybuilders Mikayla Kingman, 23, and Joanna Thomas, 43, shocked power circuits on the eve of summer.