The school graduation ceremony was celebrated on Saturday in Finland in quite congested groups. This is illustrated, for example, by pictures of Helsinki's Koff Park.

- There was a happy-looking celebration and May Day atmosphere. Nothing else in it would have been strange except that we are now in the middle of the corona. There was no more information about the safety intervals, Sirpa Kirjonen, who passed by, described to IS.

- When it was a sunny evening, I thought there was a crowd in that place. But it surprised how close people were to each other. It seemed like that now the warnings were in no way in mind. That today it was as if those shackles of the corona had been removed, Kirjonen ponders.

Summer vacations for schoolchildren and students began. Others partying at Sinebrychoff Park on Saturday.

Photo: Terhi Ylimäinen

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What does this look like from a virologist's perspective?

- Although it is not my job to make recommendations, I can say that it does not look good. Everyone can deduce it themselves, says Kalle Saksela, professor of virology at the University of Helsinki.

How should it have been, that is, what mistakes were made in terms of the spread of the coronavirus?

- It is obvious that in some groups, after loosening the restrictions, the behavior had gone too far, when there was no care to avoid close contacts, he says.

What can follow from this being too close?

- Now we talk closely about the much talked about R0 figure. If it starts to rise, restrictions could possibly be tightened. The hybrid strategy chosen by Finland is being weighed. After all, a complete closure could not continue for a long time for the functioning of society. Still, the restrictions could be tightened in part if the R0 starts to rise, he says.

What does the R0 number tell you?

The R0 number tells you how many new cases an individual infected with the virus will infect. When the R0 number is less than one, the infected person statistically infects less than one person and the epidemic subsides.

In Germany, for example, the figure began to rise after the restrictions were relaxed. Deutsche Welle said the figure was 1.1. immediately after the relaxation of the restrictions 10.5, when it was before 0.65. This was a significant increase.

Infection from the park in the past

Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District HUS already knew one coronary patient before the party, who says he was infected in the park.

- I don't know if it's Koff Park. We have one positive who has been called and he announced that he was in the park with friends, Chief Physician Asko Järvinen told Ilta-Sanomat on Friday 29 May.

Mika Ihamuotila, Chairman of the Board and main owner of Marimekko, has already told Ilta-Sanomat how the children of his acquaintances had had a picnic in Helsinki in the so-called In Koff's park. Four of the youth group became ill with coronary heart disease.

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