The current hot topic of Formula One is a planned change to the traditional time trial format. The novelty of the Austrian and British races starting this season will be tuned with a novelty in which time trials will be replaced by a short mini-race, Sprint.

The sprint would start in reverse order, with the final of the drivers ’World Series starting from the first square and the World Championship leader starting from the last square. The winner of the sprint would start from the pole position.

Both Austria and the UK are scheduled to run two races on consecutive weekends. According to the plan, the sprint system would be in use in both countries by the second weekend.

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Representatives from Liberty Media, the FIA ​​and F1 teams, which dominate F1 rights, discussed the change at their meeting on Friday. The FIA ​​and most of the stables supported the reform. Since this is a big change, all 10 teams need to be in agreement.

Motorsport sites Autosport and Motorsport reveal that at the meeting, one team loudly opposed the reform: Mercedes, which has dominated the F1 series in recent years.

- Mercedes made its opposition clear, Autosport described the events of the meeting.

In addition to the opposition from Mercedes, a few teams are said to have indicated that they need more time to make a decision.

That reform has been on the wallpaper in the F1 series before. Mercedes team manager Toto Wolff has expressed his criticism of it.

- I voted against it, because when you watch the 100-meter final in the Olympics, you don’t put Usain Bolt to start five meters further just because you get an interesting one from the end of the race, Wolff commented at the time, referring to sprint star Bolti.

Toto Wolff and Mercedes oppose the starting order to be solved with the sprint system.

Photo: Maxim Shemetov / Reuters

According to Autosport, the new time trial system is intended to increase the attractiveness of the latter race weekends in Austria and the UK.

A formal vote on the matter will be held next week.