Khloé Kardashian has recently been in the midst of numerous upheavals about his images - and especially about editing them.

Last Friday, Kardashian fans marveled at the footage that the reality TV star released on its Instagram account to its 112 million followers. In the new images, Kardashian’s face and nose look much narrower and the star’s skin is flawlessly smooth.

Many didn’t even recognize the star in the pictures.

This did not slow down Kardashian, but soon released new pictures of himself. In two nearly identical images, a star dressed in a pastel blue mesh shirt poses looking directly at the camera.

The shots made fans frustrated again. Thousands of users of the image service once again asked in the comment box why he looks so different.

This is what Khloé Kardashian looked like in 2009.

Photo: Dee Cercone Collection / Everett / MVPhotos

- Why you look so different in all your pictures, a comment that garnered over 4,000 likes asked.

Perhaps to everyone’s surprise, Kardashian decided this time to respond to one of the comments.

- Because of my weekly face transplants, of course, Kardashian clicked back.

Most obviously it was a sarcastic throw, as the star has denied having modified its appearance with a knife. Fans instantly raged about the star’s ironic response, while some acknowledged Kardashian back to his question about his dull answer. There were hundreds and hundreds of comments.

- He must have told the truth, so I do not know if this is an acknowledgment.

- Yes, the whole head has been changed instead of the face.

- At least you're honest!

Some commentators also took the situation seriously.

- Why are you so defensive? You know you get questions, comments and opinions on social media. Stop sneezing and try to answer the right questions, one commenter wrote.

- Clearly you have a make-up artist who puts on your face differently or you have done something on your face. Both are ok, but don’t get angry if people ask. You’ve always seemed the most down-to-earth of all, so I wish you stayed honest, the message went on.

Until five years ago, Kardashian looked vastly different.

Photo: MVP

Cosmetic surgery and injection specialist Claire McGuinness speculated on an Australian 3pm Pick-Up radio show on Monday about Kardashian’s dramatic transformation.

McGuinnes stressed that he had not met Kardashian in person, so he based his assessment on the reality TV star’s recent social media releases. Underlying the dramatic makeover is a combination of cosmetic surgery, injections, dieting, filters, makeup, and lighting.

“Everyone is starting to look the same,” McGuinnes notes of the Kardashian family and their millions of followers around the world.

Kourtney, Kim and Khloé Kardashian in the 17th season promo of their program.

Photo: handout

With Kendall Kardashian (left), Kim Kardashian-West (front left), Kourtney Kardashian (front right), Khloé Kardashian (2nd right) and Kylie Jenner, and mother Kris Jenner (2nd left) three years ago.

Image:, Credit line: E! / Planet / MVPhotos

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Khloé Kardashian has been in the public domain since the Kardashian clan’s reality TV series Keeping Up with the Kardashians hit the screens in 2007. The series has produced 18 production seasons and has made its stars - the Kardashian-Jenner family members millionaires.

On several occasions, Khloé has spoken openly in public about his appearance pressures and how he has always been compared to his sisters.

- I was always supportive. My friends wore bikinis, but I never experienced being with you in clothes like that, she told People magazine in 2015.

- I knew I didn't look like my sister and I don't have the same shapes as them, but I didn't feel there was anything wrong with it. I had loving parents who made me feel beautiful.

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