In the U.S., Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has taken a stand on the widespread unrest that began with the black man’s arrest.

The video above is a video report of IS's US correspondent, Mikko Marttinen, from Minneapolis.

- Demonstrations after such cruelty are necessary and justified. This is the American way of answering. In contrast, arson and senseless destruction are not. There is no violence that endangers the lives of others. The violence that drives the destruction of businesses that serve communities is not, Biden's statement said in a news channel, according to CNN.

Recent days have shown that we are a nation that cannot tolerate injustice, Joe Biden said.

Photo: Carlos Barria / Reuters

- The last few days have shown that we are a nation that does not tolerate injustice. Anyone who cares can understand the trauma that the colored people of this country are subjected to. It ranges from daily humiliations to extreme violence, as the killing of George Floyd shows, the statement continued.

The protests began when George Floyd, 46, died Monday. White police pressed him to his knees from his neck for nearly nine minutes, though Floyd complained of pain and begged for mercy.

The police officer who caused Floyd's death and the three police officers who accompanied him have already been fired. In addition, police who pressed Floyd by the neck have been charged with, among other things, death penalty. He has been arrested.