Every day to the super around the corner and only stock up on A-brands, or all bargains once a week? In the column Het Bonnetje , we talk every week with a normal (or slightly less ordinary) Dutchman about his or her supermarket strategy .

Who : Maarten Soetens (35)
Earns a living as : Entrepreneur, has a number of companies in the IT sector
Lives : In Nijmegen

Maarten's receipt

  • Sweet pointed pepper 1.99 euros
  • Grab macaroni / spaghetti 1.50 euros
  • Stroopwafels 1.65 euros
  • 1 liter of semi-skimmed milk 1.07 euros
  • Organic kiwifruit 2.99 euros
  • Bananas 0.51 euros
  • Total: 9.71 euros

You mentioned this in the preliminary interview as a receipt of 'typical yup'.

"I call the animal by its name, haha! I am someone who gets a lot of things at the last minute, not someone who does weekly errands. I prefer not to go to the supermarket, only when everything is finished in the house. Then I get what I That's why my receipt is so short and incoherent. "

How often do you go to the supermarket?

"I really have no idea, it differs per week. Sometimes I also go somewhere to eat when I have nothing in the house and I don't want to do the shopping. Besides, I never know in advance what I feel like, that's why I also do no weekly messages. Only at the moment I know what I want to eat. "

Oops, shopping if you are hungry?

"Haha, yes it is the worst time to go to the supermarket, but I do. I usually have five bags of chips at home, because I buy an evening meal, but also a bag of chips because I am hungry. Usually I manage to make that evening meal first. "

How much money do you think you spend per week?

"I never look at what I spend. I am not really guided by what something costs. Sometimes I spend 5 euros for a ready-made meal, the other time 35 euros, for example when I get cola and beer . "

Maarten buys ready-made, but also directly from the farmer. (Own picture)

Do you ever cook yourself?

"Yes, sometimes I do, but I don't like it. I usually go out to eat often, which is not possible now during the corona crisis. But: restaurants do deliver. I use it two or three times a week. a win-win situation: I don't like cooking and the entrepreneurs need their income, so I can give them a hand. "

I see pasta on your receipt, cooked this time?

"Right, I made spaghetti with meatballs. The meat comes from a meat package that I ordered from a farmer. I know the company and I get or order meat and some vegetables there. You pay a little more for it, but the quality is much better. And that is how I help the farmer. Especially at this time, now that the corona crisis is decreasing less and there is more of a surplus. "

So ready-made meals at the super, but also meat packages at a farmer?

"Haha, yes ... I have reached an age where I also start doubting and thinking about how the world is doing. Is it just about yourself, or about others? By buying from the farmer, I hope a bit back to give to the farmer and to the world, which makes my food a bit fairer and purer. "

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