Duchess Catherine and Prince William plan to take legal action against Tatler, the Daily Mail reports.

The lawsuits relate to the magazine’s extensive article on Catherine, published on Wednesday, about Catherine the Great, which tells of the Duchess’s exhausted Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan leaving the court.

In the story, Tatler’s sources claim that Catherine would be furious about the greater workload, but pushes forward “because of her relentless survival drive, for the ultimate prize is the Queen’s Crown”.

According to the Daily Mail, the Duke of Cambridge has approached the magazine in court, demanding that it remove the article. The issue has also been reported by Mirror and The Sun, among others.

The story claimed Catherine was exhausted under her workload.

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The publication of the story caused Kensington Palace to give a rare output on the same day, which declared the newspaper allegations to be false.

- This story contains a number of inaccuracies and misunderstandings that the palace was not allowed to check before publication, from court to jurist.

Tatler responded to the criticism by commenting that the palace was aware of the story. The magazine maintained its position and refused to correct the allegations, which is why the duke couple is now seeking redress through the courts.

According to British media, Catherine is saddened by the way the article criticized her family, children and weight for cultivating lies.

- This is an extremely cruel and vulnerable thing. It's disgusting. It’s sexist and demeaning women in the worst possible way, palace sources tell the Daily Mail.

- It's just a lie. There is no evidence that the Duchess felt her work was too burdensome, or that the Duke (William) considered Carole Middleton to be a mother she never received. It is an absurd and profound lie.

The couple wants Tatler magazine to remove the story from their site.

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Tatler thinks he is immune to criticism or other action, as the magazine has previously been a royal favorite.

- It has no effect on the outcome. The whole thing is snobbling at its worst.

The Daily Mail also says that, according to their information, Tatler would have asked the Duchess to pose for a cover story. However, the palace would not have been given the opportunity to comment on that article prior to its publication.

Catherine and William have been busy despite the corona epidemic. They have attended events via video calls, such as chatting with schoolchildren, supporting their country’s health care staff, and running their art projects.

The Duke of Cambridge has continued to work with its organizations despite the coronavirus.


The author of the article, Anna Palstarnak, became famous in 1994 for her book The Princess in Love, which dealt with Princess Diana’s side jump with cavalry officer James Hewitt.