A traffic accident occurred in Rautjärvi on Saturday at 01.55, in which one person died. The police of south-eastern Finland reported on the matter on Saturday morning.

The venue is the Rautjärvi Station Area. According to preliminary data, the car drifted out at a high speed on Rautjärventie at Kopsantie, in a left-turning bend on the right side of the road and collided with trees. The vehicle was badly damaged while driving out. The young man who was a passenger died at the scene. The driver, born in the 21st century, was taken to hospital.

Police suspect that alcohol has been involved in the case and that neither of them may have worn a seat belt. The Accident Investigation Board and the police are continuing their investigation.

The police in South-East Finland are investigating the case as a serious threat to traffic safety, a serious death penalty and drunk driving.

The police in south-eastern Finland remind young people, especially during the school closing weekend and on the eve of summer, to exercise restraint and prudence and to avoid unnecessary risk-taking.