The NHL plans to continue through as many as 24 teams in the playoffs, but the fate of the Buffalo Sabers is once again familiar. For the ninth time, the team, which was left out of the playoffs, has cemented their position in the basement of the series.

Coaches and club bosses in Buffalo have changed dramatically in recent years, but the results have not changed except for a momentary flash of light.

There have been some rumors about the society and its rotten culture in recent years.

The captaincy was handed to Jack Eichel.

- Listen. I'm sick to lose. I'm tired and frustrated. I would be lying if I claimed otherwise, Eichel said in his season-closing interview this week.

- This is hard to swallow. The last few months have been a tough time. The same has been the case for five years.

Rasmus Ristolainen has long indicated that he would like a transfer from Buffalo. The Finnish defender also continued to hint between the lines in his own end-of-season interview in front of the North American media.

- I want to win, be it in Buffalo or somewhere else. I feel that if the team does not reach the goal, ie the playoffs, some changes need to be made, Ristolainen said.

- If changes happen, I know I’m probably one of the first to be traded elsewhere. It is part of the business, and I'm ready for whatever happens.

Ristolainen’s contract with Buffalo extends to the spring of 2022. Perhaps the biggest reason for the failure of trade aspirations has been his high annual salary ($ 5.4 million), which doesn’t fit smoothly into the salary caps of most teams.

Rasmus Ristolainen has not been able to play any playoffs in his NHL career, which began in 2013.

Photo: Kostas Lymperopoulos / ZUMA / MVPhotos

Ristolainen, who went from one disappointment to another throughout his NHL career, was asked if he had noticed that the team’s culture had improved in recent seasons.

- It's a good question, which I've actually been thinking a lot. I am sure that I never had a team with a winning culture. I haven’t really seen one in Buffalo and I haven’t seen it before.

- This season we built a little internal team culture, but we have a lot of young guys. I don’t know if many have ever been on winning teams. Personally, at least not. When I played in Finland (TPS), the situation was the same: the coach got fired every year, players were traded, GM got fired. So I don't know what a winning culture is, Ristolainen pondered.