May is coming to an end, and rising heat levels predict the beginning of summer. How many have already thrown their winter fur? I thought now would be a great time to put together a few trends in the field of swimwear.

Here are the sweetest and trendiest swimwear of the summer.

Sports swimwear

Sportiness is increasingly seen in the fashion world year after year. Now, sports swimwear is also one of the number one trends for next summer. Sporty swimwear is suitable for both leisure and water sports enthusiasts.

€ 49.90, Nike /


Bikini top € 14.99 and bikini pants € 14.99, H&M.

Photo: H&M

Size Swimwear

During the last couple of summers, there has been a lot of swimsuits in beach fashion. Until a few years ago, the selection of swimsuits was scarce, but now different designs, colors, patterns can be found for every taste. Try some vibrant colors or playful animal patterns this summer!

€ 39.99, Lindex.

Photo: Lindex

104 €, ByMalina.

Photo: ByMalina

Simple bikinis and sweatshirts

The simpler, the more elegant? In fashion today, simplicity speaks for itself. Moderate cuts and colors, in all their simplicity, are a really noteworthy choice.

Bikini top € 14.99 and bikini pants € 9.99, H&M.

Photo: H&M

€ 28.95, NA-KD.

Photo: NA-KD

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