Munich (dpa) - According to Hanover 96 managing director Martin Kind, there will be ghost games in the soccer Bundesliga well into the new season.

“According to current estimates, one has to assume that the game will have to be played without a spectator by the end of December. Thank God we have a relatively stable ownership structure at 96, »said the 76-year-old to the news magazine« Focus ». The next season will be “dramatic”.

Child expects a rethink and thus consequences for football. «Crisis always means an opportunity. That means that you do a self-critical and honest analysis, which also tells you what went wrong, »said the maker of the Lower Saxony second division football team.

The time of extremely high transfer fees for the professionals was over. "This will no longer be able to cope with a Bundesliga club," emphasized Kind. “That is also why we need completely new rules of the game. We now have the opportunity to do so, and I hope that we have the strength, will and reason to use them. »