We cannot rely on global value chains, the EU's internal market and Nordic co-operation in a crisis situation. ”

This is what Aftonbladet concluded in his editorial on opening borders after the corona crisis - some European countries have begun to open the borders closed by the corona to each other's citizens but not to the Swedes. Discrimination, declared Secretary of State Ann Linde.

Cooperation in a self-inflicted crisis is therefore required when other states try to protect their own citizens. In recent weeks, Sweden has had the highest rate of coronary deaths in the world in relation to population and infections are on the rise again. There are 2.6 times the number of cases in relation to Finland.

For a month now, all the coronary infections found in Ostrobothnia have come from Sweden, said Juha Salonen, chief physician of Vaasa Central Hospital, this week.

Anders Tegnell, the father of Swedish corona strategy, state epidemiologist, said in a TV interview that he was “terribly skeptical that we could have done more”.

However, he admits that the situation in Sweden is terrible and “really challenges many parts of society”.

The man, whom the columnist described as a high priest and whose images have been tattooed on the skin of citizens, has received death threats.

The rhetoric of a self-sufficient people’s home has looked like self-deception to a neighbor.

The weekly trade covered the progress of herd protection in Stockholm - in May it was to be achieved. The mathematician calculated new models of how already a 40 percent illness would be enough when the numbers didn’t start to rise.

Antibody research released last week destroyed dreams. Even in Stockholm, only 7.3 percent would have contracted corona. The emperor had no clothes and no resistance in the kingdom.

A poster on the restaurant door urges citizens to wash their hands.

Photo: Jonathan Nackstrand / AFP / Journal

The health authority issued a statement that achieving herd protection was never Sweden's goal.

What was it then?

“We have the same goal as the others: to save lives and make our health care system work. We just do it a little differently, ”Foreign Minister Linde said on TV.

The cost of that habit is more than 4,200 dead.

And in the opinion of the state epidemiologist, nothing could have been done differently.

The emergence of herd protection against covid-19 virus was a reasonable hypothesis. It was reasonable to assume that it would work like other viruses, that patients would receive antibodies and that protection would arise.

However, there was Russian roulette to throw at it, as happened in Sweden, and one did not even believe the signs of the thesis faltering. Collective self-deception.

The disease was allowed to spread three times as much as in Finland by gentle means, coveting herd immunity, but as a result, the death toll is more than ten times higher.


 In Sweden, was there too much reliance on citizens' common sense and self-direction?

As a corona, many people of working age have died in Sweden, especially those with an immigrant background, but the biggest deaths have been in nursing homes. That's what Tegnell has lamented - blaming the changes made in the care of the elderly in recent decades.

The protection has been wrong. It has been reported that three-quarters of cases would be in the care of the elderly. A carefree norm population has taken the virus with them to nursing homes while working there.

So what did Sweden do differently from Finland?

In Sweden, restaurants have been open, as have schools, but the infectivity of children is unlikely to have solved the game.


 The People's Home also revealed its complacency.

The authorities have made recommendations quite similar to those in Finland on safety distances and hygiene, but the Swedes have not taken the message seriously.

When the authorities in Finland banned the gathering of ten people, few in Helsinki have dared to invite a couple of acquaintances to the village. Stockholm’s cityscape has seemed as vibrant as ever. The people have been careless with the recommendations.

It may be that the opening of restaurants was not only a factor in increasing interaction, but also a message that the virus does not need to be taken seriously. According to press reports, Tegnell himself has been seen on a beer terrace on Stureplan. In Sweden, was there too much reliance on citizens' common sense and self-direction?

Arrogance. One reason for the reluctance to make radical solutions to shut down society in time was probably the economy, but the People’s Home also revealed its complacency.

When the last war was fought in 1809, crisis thinking is not in order. Couldn't believe it was true and had to act. We still have the Security of Supply Center.

"In Finland, it is still known what the crisis means and that the state actually exists so as not to arouse the laughter of the Cossacks," summed up one historian.

The self-awareness of the old superpower does not help. In the 17th century, the whole of the Baltics was Sweden, and the hackers went to war until Prague. Prosperous Sweden is used to being an enviable welfare state. There are Abba and Roxette, Henkkamaukka and Ikea. It is better known there.

And now - 4,000 crowns dead.

“Maybe it’s time to put prestige aside and learn from other countries,” thought Aftonbladet’s columnist during the week.