Vilma and Juuso, familiar from the Temptation Island Finland series, received their firstborn just over a week ago. Vilma actively reports the progress of the pregnancy with her sometime.

Now she tells openly how the pregnancy changed her body and how she has recovered after giving birth.

- One week after delivery. By this time a week ago I had pretty horrible oxytocin drop contractions. They are not missed. I became about 25kg more pregnant, and the little boy in crisis was in terms of recovery, Vilma admits.

However, the recovery has exceeded the expectations of the new mother. Vilma expects to be able to train soon.

- I would have never thought that my body will return even to this point, that is, I am already completely satisfied. And I'm not even training yet. It's a bit of a smile to smile at my crises during pregnancy, yes a woman's body is completely insane, Vilma glows.

The update received a unanimous reception from Vilma's followers. The comment field in the picture was filled with praise and encouraging messages.

- You are now a mother and mother's mass and body is always the best, whether it is pounds or not. You are beautiful and vibrant, pregnancy beautifies and also makes a woman outwardly sensitive.

- Not how wonderful a woman is, and wouldn't think you're just giving birth!

- Wonderfully honest pictures! U go girl!

A recent mother posted a picture of the couple’s newborn daughter on her Instagram account last Thursday.

Vilma said in connection with the picture that the girl was born on Wednesday night at 23:31. The little one weighed 3,984 grams at birth and is well, according to his mother.

- You gave my life a new meaning, happy Vilma glowed on Instagram.

The new father was not allowed to give birth, as Vilma recently contracted a disease caused by the coronavirus and Juuso was quarantined as a result. Vilma said on Instagram that the birth was tough, but Juuso was able to participate from home.

- Juuso participated in the birth by means of a video call, and saw the birth of the baby together with me, so we experienced the birth together. Thanks to the staff of Espoo Hospital, black was taken really good care, even though the birth itself was really heavy and abnormal (to quote the midwife), Vilma wrote on Instagram.

Vilma and Juuso became acquainted during the third production season of the Temptation Island Finland series. There have been twists and turns in the relationship between the couple, which they have also reported on social media. The pair later took part in the awful series again. Their goal was to show viewers of the program that they are a balanced couple where trust can really be found.

The fifth production season of the Temptation Island Finland program saw a rather emotional moment, when Juuso married Vilma on the last evening campfire.