How did the floods in Lapland progress on Friday? Has the water gone to the Saarenkylä health center or the youth club? Have Homeowners Protected Their Buildings?

Answers to these questions will be received in ISTV's live broadcast, which starts on Friday at 12.45 in Rovaniemi. Answers are being given by, among others, Timo Alaraudanjoki, a leading water management expert from the Lapland Ely Center, Jukka Aula, chairman of the Saarenkylä Homestead Association, and Markus Aarto, Lapland's rescue director.

The live broadcast starts at the collision of Kemijoki from the village of Oikarainen at 12.45. Journalist Mirja Rintala and photographer Ville Honkonen will also visit the plot of a detached house in Saaremaa to see how the flood defenses have been made.

According to the Finnish Environment Institute's forecast, the Kemijoki flood peak will live in Rovaniemi in early June. The flow of the Kemijoki River may rise even higher than in the worst floods in the history of observations in 1973 and 1993.