Berlin (dpa) - In order to equalize and comply with the distance rules at schools, the Federal Parents' Council has proposed to offer classes in club houses, conference centers and municipal buildings for the period after the summer holidays. The first reactions to this have been positive.

The German Association of Cities and Municipalities showed itself open on Friday, as did the German Teachers' Association. Even in the new school year, school operations will not be able to take place in regular operations everywhere, said the managing director of the Association of Cities and Municipalities, Gerd Landsberg, the German Press Agency.

In order to avoid infections, the distance and hygiene rules must be observed as far as possible. "Depending on the situation on site, it can make sense to let part of the school work in larger rooms by clubs or other institutions." Landsberg pointed out that the spatial situation in many school buildings is often unfavorable with regard to the distance rules. "However, the holidays should be used to optimize the rooms in terms of ventilation, sanitary facilities and other hygiene requirements."

The chairman of the Federal Parents' Council, Stephan Wassmuth, had asked the newspapers of the Funke media group to organize more classrooms for the period after the summer holidays. "We have to assume that the distance rules will continue to apply after the holidays." Wassmuth spoke out in favor of using club houses, municipal event rooms, conference centers or even exhibition halls.

The President of the German Teachers' Association, Heinz-Peter Meidinger supports the proposal. In many communities there are vacant houses that are not being used, he told the dpa. Outdoor classes, for example in the courtyards of schools, can also be an option as long as the weather is fine. "But that's certainly not the big overall solution," said Meidinger. He called for a new concept for the post-vacation period from the state education ministers. In his opinion, this should also include regular corona tests by teachers and students.

The education policy spokesman for the FDP parliamentary group, Thomas Sattelberger, said on Friday: "After the summer break, school must not degenerate into the same fiasco as it is currently." Therefore, schools would have to plan on two tracks during the summer vacation. Sattelberger called for "well-thought-out solutions" for lessons at home and solutions for classroom instruction. In addition, the responsible education politicians had to “urgently ensure” that larger rooms are rented as alternative solutions for lessons.

Representatives from several federal states had already announced that they would return to normal school operations after the summer holidays. Even before the holidays, some of them want to teach full classes at least at primary schools and do without distance rules.

There is a lot of discussion about the possible spread of the corona virus in kindergartens and schools. There is still no reliable knowledge about the risk of infection and spread among children and adolescents. Health minister Jens Spahn (CDU) said that there was a study situation that did not allow any real conclusions to be drawn.

The President of the Conference of Ministers of Education for the Länder, the Rhineland-Palatinate Minister of Education, Stefanie Hubig (SPD), told "taz": There is an urgent desire in all federal states to return to greater normalcy. "Basically, our way is the same: If possible, normal operation should take place in schools after the summer vacation." They will exchange ideas at the beginning of the next week.