The NHL said Tuesday it plans to continue through. However, there are still many twists and turns, and more precise dates, for example, are not yet known.

In the best case scenario, the season would not continue until the dawn of August.

Many thought it would have been the right solution to put the whistles in the bag for this season and look away for next season. However, the NHL is stubbornly trying to make up for even some of its giant financial losses caused by the corona situation and poem through the season with special arrangements for the dollar gloss in its eyes.

Players are still in a loose log.

There is hardly any information about the continuation of the season. It may continue until the dawn of August, or much later in the fall, but even a holiday shift cannot be overlooked.

Through the ever-continuing 24-team players, all they have to do is tap into the progress of the situation and wait for a possible call at some point to North America. There, they would be tossed into the isolation bubbles of the hotel rooms as the games continued.

However, the players from the seven worst teams in the NHL got out of torment on Tuesday and fully enjoyed the summer.

One of the laid-back holidaymakers is Rasalon Ristolainen of Buffalo, who has already had time to wish his NHL friends the joy of work.

- I sent a message to a few friends that good summer there to the ice rink and training camps, Ristolainen laughs.

- In response, everything between middle fingers and laughter became possible.

Even a clerk wouldn’t have been much inspired to go play the NHL in front of empty halls in the midsummer if the series had decided to continue with the missed regular season.

- We were 25th in the regular season. We don’t even deserve to play the playoffs. If we had to twist a few insignificant regular season games even in these special circumstances, it would have been a pretty tough fate.

Uncertainty also eroded Risto, when there was no official in the NHL.

- The easiest thing was that the decision now came. It would then have been just a decision. Makes it easier when a little knows where to go.

Buffalo from Ristola once again took his familiar place from the back of the league table.

Photo: Dan Hamilton / USA Today Sports

The NHL season was suspended before mid-March. The NHL has speculated that the start of next season may be postponed to November-January, possibly due to a season that will extend into late summer or fall.

So Ristolainen may well have a break of up to 8-9 months from the games.

However, that doesn't bother him now. When there is no fear of returning to special crowning games in North America, Ristolainen can already plan summer vacation trips, for example.

- At least for now, we have a lot more in life, so we can do and focus on a little more. Turku, Finland is a great place in the summer. Get your golf game in shape and train. When the world opens up a bit, take a few holiday trips.

- Somewhere later in the fall we will then return to the ice. Of course, fitness is maintained at all times.

A longer break than usual makes at least Ristolainen have a boy.

- At least we've had so many difficult times with Buffalo that at least it's not a bad thing to be able to take a little distance and meditate and feel other things, so to speak.

But Ristolainen is not going to spend a summer with a cold drink on the bank of the Aura River alone. He is known for his iron physics, and there is now a lot of work going on in front of it.

- Now I'm here for 10-11 weeks working out. The condition has been considered really hard. It does good when you get a little sweaty and raging. No walls have fallen on top.

- There has never been a situation like this before, so it is not terribly planned, but we train as long as it tastes good. Everyone knows it can’t be done all the time. Hopefully sooner or later you will be able to travel, so you can take a little break from your workouts.

- But there is always some kind of training. Less frequently, I am more days in a row without doing anything, Ristolainen says.