The flattering white strip described above the signposts has amazed the people over the weekend. Janne filmed it on Friday for a video, but information about the origin of an object many meters long that has fallen from the sky onto a small dirt road, like a roll of toilet paper, is obscured.

Strawberry grower Juha Nenos may have an answer to the mystery. It can be frost gauze to protect crops from night frosts. At the request of Ilta-Sanomat, the entrepreneur of the Nenonen strawberry farm in Suonenjokinen watched a video shot by Janne.

- Yes, it's quite possible. I wouldn't rule it out. You can see from the picture that it is like gauze, the same style, he states.

The material is light and, according to Janne, like a filter fabric. The color also matches the coverage of the fields.

However, Nenosta wonders a bit why the flutter came down so fast. There seems to be something heavier than gauze attached to it.

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The gauze pardons berries and vegetables from a few degrees of frost, so it is often necessary in May.

Photo: HS

The gauze leaves the fields regularly with air currents. A hard vortex can take the gauze to the upper air, even if they are firmly attached to the sides with sandbags.

- Once again, we set off for a kilometer, Nenonen says.

There is no room for a big storm, and a vortex can strike even on a sunny day like last Friday.

- On a sunny day, one or two came in a hard vortex, and it got stronger and stronger and tore it (gauze) off the ground, no matter how heavy the sandbags are, Nenonen recalls.

- They fly into the upper air and then land somewhere.

The observations of the last few days are not quite unique: the reader of IS, who sent the pictures below, says that he described the phenomenon in Mikkeli on 30 May 2016.

Image: Reader image

Cultures can even be covered with gauze, but according to Nenonen, the airflow often tears smaller pieces out of their way.

The gauze is used on strawberry, pea and potato crops, among other things, to protect the plants from the frost that strikes at night. Nenonen says that in Northern Savonia, gauze is now important, because last week the meters dropped to frost at night.

- Leppävirta has a lot of strawberry farms, Nenonen will think.

Janne encountered both phenomena south of Kuopio, only twenty kilometers north of the center of Leppävirta.

The strawberry season is about to begin. This week, a deliciously ripe strawberries hung on a strawberry farm in Siipoo next to raw berries.

Photo: Benjamin Suomela / Lehtikuva

The Finnish Meteorological Institute, the Finnish Air Force and Air Navigation Services Finland, which is responsible for managing the use of Finnish airspace, do not know how a special celestial body appeared over Viitostie.

Ilta-Sanomat was also contacted at the weekend by Jarkko, who photographed similar huge white stripes in the sky in mid-May. Other readers have reported witnessing a similar view. Frost gauze may well be to blame for at least some of the cases.

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