- The scene I describe next is the most humane scene in my upcoming film “Shake My Inner Lash”, the director, played by Kari Heiskanen, explains in a swaying voice to Pirkka-Pekka Petelius sitting on a moped.

The sketch continues with Heiskanen's monologue and culminates in a remark plagued by Petelius:

- Don't call the police, it's useless.

Velipuolikuu. Front row from left: Esko Hukkanen, Eeva Litmanen, Niko Saarela, Pirjo Bergström. Behind Kari Heiskanen, Pirkka-Pekka Petelius and Robin Relander.

Photo: Kalevi Rytkölä / Yle

That sketch was presented in the Crescent Moon program. The series of humors seen in 1983 and 1984 was largely personified by Petelius and Heiskane, the main duo who were the engine of the whole show.

However, the attentive viewer draws attention to the dark-haired young man who is involved in several sketches. He was Robin Relander.

When Half Moon ended, Relander disappeared from public view.

Everstits (Pirkka-Pekka Petelius and Kari Heiskanen) presenting the latest war technology to the general (Esko Hukkanen). Radistina Robin Relander.

Photo: Kalevi Rytkölä / Yle

What does the actor have now? Can Google tell?

After a couple of searches, it becomes clear that Relander disappeared from the radar image as the favorite series ended. His name is always mentioned in connection with the Crescent Moon, but otherwise: nothing.

However, a more accurate browsing of the internet gives one interesting result. In the Netherlands, in the small town of Rheden, a young man who is probably the son of Robin Relander would seem to live.

The message throws into the land of tulips. After three hours, an answer will arrive.

- Hi, I'm happy to tell you about my father and his life after Half a Month, Regards Jonathan.

On holiday in Finland.

Photo: Jonathan Kamphuis' home album

It turns out that Relander lived in Copenhagen for a long time.

- Dad had his own shop. He sold over the years no matter what. He brought all kinds of artifacts from his travels in India and Bali. At one point, the father had a small kiosk in Christiania, which had been declared a free city in Copenhagen. He traded in special stones and crystals.

- He has sold everything from t-shirts to giant Buddha statues, furniture and mirrors. In addition to these bisnesten he got a few children, of whom I am one.

- In the early 90s, he traded batik-dyed scarves and jokes. Shortly afterwards, he began importing handmade Indonesian furniture and lamps.

Jonathan’s son also has bad news. Relander died a year ago.

- Dad died at his home in Copenhagen. He had cancer. In recent years, he went into such poor condition that the trade had to close. However, he sold stuff online until his death.

“These are the latest pictures taken of my father before he died,” Jonathan, son of Robin Relander, said.

Photo: Jonathan Kamphuis' home album

Jonathan has never lived in Finland. He only knows from his early stages what his relatives have said.

- Dad didn't go to a regular school, but a more experimental one, Jonathan says and probably refers to the Steiner school.

- He also studied acting, but I don't know what school he was in. After graduation, the father toured around Finland with a group. They did magic tricks for the kids.

IS also managed to find a woman who knew Relander through Jonathan's son.

- To my knowledge, Robin had no actor training. He studied butoh dance at least in Berlin and Paris at the turn of the 80s and 90s under Min Tanaka and Kazuo Ono. He also attended dance classes with choreographer Virpi Tummavuori. He continued to act for one cheese commercial, says Kirsten Stausholm, who knew Relander.

Robin Relander, who was on holiday in Finland in 2012, made his own version of the Little Mermaid statue.

Photo: Jonathan Kamphuis' home album

Why did Relander stop acting after Half a Month? Jonathan has heard many different versions.

- There were many reasons, but in the end, Dad stopped acting because he would have liked to do roles other than a funeral, but the directors did not give such. He was not taken seriously.

Relander always warmly recalled Brotherhood and his collaboration with Petelius, Heiskanen and partners.

- Dad talked a lot about Pirkka-Peka and other actors. Dad called them the good old days. He missed Finland and he missed acting. Dad loved working with the Crescent Month actors. He always described to me how great an experience it was to make a series. According to him, it was something quite unique.

Although life had transported the man to Denmark, the homeland remained in the heart.

- He told me very often that if he did not have children and his own shop in Copenhagen, he would go back to Finland with the second he blessed.