Actress Amanda Bynes, 34, has been a concern for fans and loved ones of the star. The star, which has long struggled with mental health problems, has released strange Instagram updates throughout the spring that, according to American media, have convinced many that the star’s well-being has collapsed.

Bynes announced in March that he would marry his male friend Paul Michael after just a few weeks of engagement. However, American newspapers reported that the star’s parents would have prevented the wedding at the very last minute.

Bynes ’parents act as caretakers for their daughter and the court has ordered Bynes to take care of them in 2014.

After months of silence, Bynes returned to Instagram. The star posted a fresh picture on Instagram on Saturday and told of its affiliations. Bynes said he is currently completing his fashion studies, which he took a break earlier in the spring.

According to Bynes, he had suffered from anxiety, which led him to seek treatment.

- I was in treatment for two months learning how to cope with my anxiety triggered by social situations that made me quit school. It’s on the right path again and I’m fine, Bynes writes.

The actor says he is currently in a mid-range home, preparing him to be able to make ends meet on his own. Bynes writes that she attends therapy weekly and wants to set up her own online store after graduating from school.

The star also corrects allegations that he divorced Paul Michael.

- I'm still engaged to the love of my life with Paul.

Former child star Amanda Bynes was one of the most popular teen idols of the early 2000s. She is especially remembered for the All That and Sister and its Sister TV series, as well as the movies What Girls Like (2003), Shipwreck Scam (2005), She’s the Man (2006), and Easy A (2010).

However, the promisingly started career of the actor has often been interrupted due to substance abuse problems and mental health problems. In 2010, the actor’s fans were shocked when the child star announced that he would leave the actor’s work entirely behind.

Amanda Bynes photographed in 2000.

Photo: John Zissel

The star only returned to the public last year after posing on the cover of Paper magazine and joining the photo service Instagram.

Bynes told Paper magazine at the time that he had lost his passion for acting and was completely on the cut.

- My life didn't matter. I had been working all my life and suddenly I had nothing. I had looting time and so I burned cloudy days long. I moved with suspicious guys and isolated myself from the world. Drugs took me with me and the world became a gloomy and sad place, he said.

Bynes was forced into detoxification again in the spring of 2019, when public pressures again became too heavy. Representatives of the star have said in public that Bynes was dry and was being treated for mental health problems, not drugs.

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Bynes unexpectedly decided to end his career as a successful actor.

Photo: Jeff Frank

After ending his career, the star drifted into a downward spiral. Pictured is Bynes on his way to court in 2013.

Photo: Zelig Shaul