Boxer Mike Tyson, 53, took on the role in the All Elite Wrestling show wrestling event the night before Sunday in Finnish time.

Tyson had been invited to the event to watch the championship match on the edge of the ring. When show wrestling legend Jake “The Snake” Roberts tried to come to the rescue of the match, Tyson intervened in the game.

Steel-Mike took off his shirt and threatened Roberts with his fists upright like a furious grizzly bear. At the same time, Tyson revealed again how fit he has trained himself.

Roberts drew his own conclusions from the situation and made his way.

- He seems to be getting his pants dirty, the match narrator said.

In fact, Tyson’s role in the event was to hand out the championship belt to the winner of the match between Cody Rhodes and Lance Archer.

- It was great in many ways that Mike was involved in the match. Surreal is the best word to describe emotion, Rhodes commented after Mirror, after winning the match.

Tyson has been fooling his fans in recent weeks by posting videos of his training with MMA coach Rafael Cordeiro. The former heavyweight champion has been rumored to return to the ring to face his old arch-enemy, Evander Holyfield, 57 for the third time.

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However, Tyson said there are other opportunities available.

- We are talking and doing business with more guys right now. You wouldn’t believe what kind of names have come up. We get the deal done within a week, Tyson revealed to rapper Lil Wayne on the radio show, according to Ringnews24.

Whatever the opponent, Tyson’s share of the match fees goes to charity. He told the hip-hop artist that he was already quite sturdy in size.

- I feel better than in my whole life. God has been merciful to me. I go ahead and look good. Yo Wayne, I'm currently weighing 104 pounds! Tyson gleamed.

- I'm getting ready to play. I want to help people who don’t have things as well as I do. With my rewards, I help the homeless and drug addicts. I myself have been homeless and addict, so I know what people are going through. Many have not survived, as I did.

Tyson was last boxed 15 years ago.