Jarkko Ruokonen, 43, who lives in Järvenpää, has seen a similar heavenly revelation as Janne in Kuopio.

IS told earlier about Janne, who described the five-way street as a strange, white thing with a long flowing “tail” fluttered down from the sky. It was like a huge roll of toilet paper.

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Jarkko immortalized a similar revelation on Route 8.

He was on a business trip and coming home. Strange revelations were visible in the sky south of Seinäjoki.

Jarkko saw several white rags hovering in the sky. The largest were over ten feet tall.

- At best, there were a dozen different plastics in the air. They were up to danger. It was right to avoid them sticking to the car.

It was windy weather. The wind sometimes raised the rags very high.

The heavenly sight appeared on the afternoon of May 12th. It was Jarkko's birthday.

- They were a bit like tributes on the birthday.

Jarkko Ruokonen thinks that the rags are the wrapping plastics for hay bales, ie the so-called dinosaur eggs. Along the way, bales of plastic wrap were visible.

Jarkko Ruokonen thinks that changes have taken place in plastics in a few years.

- Would the plastic have gotten worse or thinner. The current packaging plastic is more sensitive to wind. These, too, hovered in the sky around the bucket.

Jarkko Ruokonen has not seen such rags floating in the sky before.

According to the manufacturer of packaging plastics, the rags cannot come from bale plastic.

- I can't really believe it, it sounds very unlikely, Jari Palosaari, CEO of Rani Plast, answers the question about tearing dinosaur eggs.

According to Palosaari, no changes have been made to the plastic materials.

Photo: Jarkko Ruokonen / Reader's photo

Photo: Jarkko Ruokonen / Reader's photo