Experienced F1 journalist Franco Nugnes reported on the Italian-language Motorsport website on Wednesday that Valtteri Bottas would very likely get space on Mercedes for George Russel in the 2021 season.

The default when is that Lewis Hamilton will continue with Mercedes.

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Now the German website Motorsport-Total.com reports, citing its sources, that Didier Coton, one of Bottas' backing forces, would have already started negotiations with Renault team manager Cyril Abiteboul on the transfer of the Finnish driver to Renault.

In the past, Bottas has said he will conduct his own contract negotiations.

The F1 palette now appears to rotate recklessly. Renault will have a seat open for next season when Australian driver Daniel Ricciardo moves to McLaren. McLaren, meanwhile, took the place when Carlos Sainz replaced Vettel with Ferrari.

Two-time world champion Fernando Alonso has also been pushed hard for Renault in recent days. Alonso did not drive at all in the F1 series last season, but has competed on US tracks, the Dakar Rally and the 24-hour run of Le Mans, among others.

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At Motorsport, Nugnes suggested that Bottas' options could include not only Renault but also Aston Martin and even Williams, who had won the minor in jumbo. If the driving position on Mercedes therefore, according to preliminary data, leaves below.