That kiss will not be forgotten. The fresh couple had just stepped into the doors of St. George's Chapel as they bowed with a smile towards each other and sealed their covenant with kisses as the people cheered and the soldiers glorified. Here they were now, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Harry, known as the Strict Prince, had finally settled into his fields. Happiness had been found after many stages alongside the American actress, Meghan Markle, familiar from the Costumes series.

This was just like a fairy tale, people sighed. Meghan was often compared sometimes to Princess Diana, sometimes to Princess Grace Kelly. Equally, he was all believed to be a fresh breeze to the British monarchy that needed it.

Now, two years later, things just couldn’t be more different.

Hurricane from Hollywood. This is how British newspapers proclaimed when it began to take place around the Duke of Sussex. The twists rolled over the British court, known as the old-fashioned, with such force that many in the furnace of Buckingham Palace could wonder what really struck them. What is certain is that history has already - in these two years - been completely rewritten in many ways.

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First came rumors of the distant distances between Harry and Big Brother Prince William. Then it was also said that the Duchess Catherine and Meghan had cooled down and the mares were even in dispute with each other. Cloud castles from the “perfect quartet” began to crumble piece by piece in the eyes of the royalty.

In February 2019, people flocked when pregnant Meghan flew in a private jet to New York to spend lavish, two-day baby invitations. The price tag for the trip was quite, according to some calculations, up to 450,000 euros.

Shortly thereafter, the couple moved out of Kensington Palace. The new home was Frogmore Cottage donated by Queen Elizabeth to the couple for use, which was renovated with big money to meet the couple’s wishes.

Prince Harry's long-standing dream of his own family came true in May 2019, when the couple's son Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor was born.

At the time, Britain rejoiced that the people would be able to follow the growth of the little royal. However, Harry and Meghan had completely different plans.

Archie was baptized from the public in hiding and the parents announced that the boy would not receive the royal title at all.

Family happiness 2019.

Photo: Starmax

In August 2019, Harry and Meghan were once again in the midst of a scandal when British media reported that the couple had flown a private plane on as many as four private flights in 11 days. However, much worse was yet to come.

In January 2020, Harry and Meghan dropped a real bomb when they announced they were leaving the court and moving out of Britain. The decision to start a new life in America was reportedly blacked out even by the queen. Behind were the newly completed home and the workers who had served the duke.

The distance between Duchess Catherine and Meghan is said to be cold.

Photo: Reuters

In March, an audio tape was uploaded to YouTube in which Prince Harry was exceptionally open about his situation.

- Sometimes the right decision is not the easiest. However, it was the right decision for our family so I could protect my son. It was hard, but now we start a new life, Harry opened up.

Unfortunately, the outspoken words were the result of a pull: the prince thought he was talking to climate activist Greta Thunberg, but was actually talking to Russian scammers.

In the call, Harry, among other things, admitted that his current daily life is much better than royal life. However, new life did not come for free.

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New life in Los Angeles

Contact with the royal family has been quite scarce since the early spring. The last time Archie was in the UK was in December, so it's been almost half a year since the last meeting between Harry's family.

After leaving the British Court, Harry and Meghan first lived in Canada, but now they have settled in Los Angeles. So far, the family is staying at the mansion of actor Tyler Perry.

Harry and Meghan moved from Frogmore House to Los Angeles.

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Harry and Meghan lost their royal HRH titles with the departure and are no longer called royal heights. They hold the title of Duke and Duchess of Sussex and continue to be patrons of their own charities.

Harry and Meghan in Los Angeles during Corona Time.

Image: P & P / Rachpoot / MEGA / The Mega Age

The duke couple has been silent about their plans for the future, but it is known that the couple has founded a new charity that is of particular importance to them.

According to the Huffington Post, a book about the couple will be published this summer that peeks behind the scenes of the royals. So what is certain is that the duke couple will soon be in the headlines again.

A book about the Duke is set to be published this summer.

Photo: Harper Collins / MEGA / The Mega A