Coronavir testing by the English Premier League in football has revealed six infections during the first phase, according to the league, according to Sky Sports and the BBC. The cases are from three clubs.

748 tests have been performed.

The league does not say whether the cases of infection are from the players, the club staff or both. The infected are now in home quarantine for seven days.

- No further details are given. The results will be made public after each testing phase, the league announced.

The league clubs decided on Monday that clubs could move on to practice in small groups on Tuesday and no contacts would be allowed.

In the German Bundesliga, which returned to the Games as the first European Grand Series last weekend, it took almost five weeks from the start of training to the start of the series.

The Premier League, which was suspended around mid-March, has outlined the start of the games on 12 June, but if the Bundesliga formula is repeated in the UK, the games could possibly start on either 19 or 26 June.